My Addiction

I have an addiction! I love nail polish! I never think I have enough colors. Every season, I want all the new trendy colors the labels come out with. I have a giant box filled to the rim – over 80 bottles. I don’t think there are enough times in the year to wear every color I own. Yet whenever I go to the store and I see a color that just calls my attention whether it’s a nice bright pink, a dark purple, a grey or a red that’s truly red – I need to have it.

I used to get my nails done every week and a pedicure bi-weekly. But after the recession hit and things got a little tougher, I opted for a more budget friendly routine. I went out got some supplies I was missing and started doing my own nails and feet. Sure, it takes me way longer than going to the salon. And yes, it’s not as relaxing doing it yourself as it is sitting in a giant massaging chair and having someone rub your feet. But it saves me some money at the end of the month. I’m sure you ladies can relate how expensive that habit can be. Yes, I still have an expense with my color addiction. But instead of spending $150 a month on a few manis & pedis – I only see a bill that high when I go crazy at the beauty store, which is definitely not a monthly visit! And the bill is usually not that high.

After finding so many gorgeous colors I love to tell all my friends and family about, I thought I’d start sharing them with you too for those of you into the habit too. Or even those just waiting to hear when a nice new color is out. I will be sharing with you my lovely nail color finds and which colors are my favorite each season! If there’s a color you love I haven’t yet tried, I accept all recommendations! Stay tuned for my color reviews.


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