My Latest Nail Polish Discovery

As you all know from my last post, I’m quite addicted to nail polish! I love having my nails done and experimenting with new colors. Unfortunately though, I have EXTREMELY sensitive skin. And after years of using some brands, they started to irritate my skin. I would always use Essie and OPI and they have some fabulous colors, but the strong chemicals in the brand would cause the skin around my nail bed to get irritated. It would be itchy, red, and drive me crazy! The reaction would sometimes get on my neck too, from playing with my hair all day. It wasn’t fun! But I sacrificed for having nicely done nails! The irritation would calm down after a day or two. When I would go shopping for new nail products, I would often see a brand named Jessica. I looked it up online when I got home one day and found out they are very well known in California and are the nail company for the stars there. I also found out they were formaldehyde and toluene free. So I figured this would be worth a shot trying. So I did! I bought a couple of bottles and while I was there a lady working at the store recommended Zoya as another hypo-allergenic brand – they’re also formaldehyde and toluene free. I bought a bottle or two of the Zoya brand as well. When I got home I was so happy! I tried Jessica first and a couple of weeks later I tried the Zoya brand and both were wonderful! I didn’t get an irritation, no redness, no itchiness – everything cleared up! If any of you are looking for some fabulous nail colors, which are also hypo-allergenic, or even kinder to your nails and skin. I highly recommend purchasing either Zoya or Jessica nail polishes. Stay tuned. I’ll be posting about some of my favorite colors soon.


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