Nook Books: First Edition

Welcome to my first edition of Nook Favorites! I received a Barnes & Noble Nook Color for Christmas and have already surpassed my amount of books read this year versus last year. There are quite a few I’ve enjoyed and I will be sharing my thoughts on these books with you along the way. My first choice is a book I wouldn’t have normally picked up on my own, but after hearing all the amazing raves about it I suggested it to my book club and it won! So drum rolll…..

Sarah’s Key by Tatiana de Rosnay

This is the story of an American journalist living in Paris who is researching the roundup of Parisian Jews in the summer of 1942. The story is told in alternating chapters from the journalist’s point of view and from the point of view of Sarah, who was a young girl growing up in France during the time of the roundup. The American journalist, Julia, is assigned this story for the 60th anniversary of the roundup. During her research Julia finds that her family and the family of Sarah, the 10-year old who lived through the roundup, were interwound through her husband’s apartment.

This is a story of love, faith, facing difficult situations and family. Other than the main story of the roundup of the Jews, which the French reference as Vel’ d’Hiv, which in America and many times even France is rarely spoken about. The story also discusses the

Jewish families spent in Auschwitz. However, throughout the book there is an underlying story of Julia and her current family situation and marriage, which at times goes through many tough times and difficult decisions.

This is an incredible AMAZING book that will keep you going and guessing page after page.

This deserves 2 thumbs up –if we had more thumbs, I’d definitely give it more.


What do you think?

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