Local Spot, Delicious Tastes with Every Bite

This weekend I had dinner at one of my new favorite local restaurants, Portofino Coal Fired Pizza. If you’re a fan of Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza, you’ll love this place because, in my opinion, it’s 100 times better. I’ve already been a handful of times and each time I go we have a wonderful experience. The waiters and waitresses are fun, funny and very helpful.

This weekend in particular we ordered an Eggplant Parmigiana appetizer and the waitress thought it wasn’t made to the size that it is usually made in. The Chef made us a new one (not that we weren’t already full and satisfied with the first serving) and brought it over himself! Talk about service, huh? Service like that is tough to find these days. Especially for the economical price of Portofino’s. Prices range from $11-$20, depending on what you order.

Although Portofino’s not only serves delicious pizza, but you can also have wings, pasta, steaks and a variety of other dishes. I’m sure there’s something to satisfy every palate. Our favorite is the Extreme Veggie Pizza with added prosciutto and pepperoni. It’s filled with fresh tomatoes, a variety of peppers, caramelized onions, mushrooms, spinach and gorgonzola cheese. Yes, gorgonzola cheese in addition to the mozzarella and it’s DELICIOUS!

Here’s an image of the delicious pizza I just mentioned. The picture was taken with my cell phone, so please excuse the fuzzy quality this time.

Delicious right? It’s all made with fresh ingredients, so it makes it even better. But when you go, don’t forget to make room for dessert. They’re also delicious! There’s a dessert pizza called, Dolci Pizza where you can have your pick of S’mores flavor, Nutella with strawberries or bananas or Dulce de Leche topped with bananas. We had the S’mores version and it was to die for. It was too big, which is a good thing because we were able to bring some home. Though if you plan on having this dessert pizza let your waiter know when you order your meal because it takes about 20 mins. for them to make it to its perfection.

This weekend, we opted for something a little different and had the Italian Donut Squares, which come with your choice of Condensed Milk, Raspberry or Chocolate as dipping sauces. We went for Condensed Milk and these were like over-sized and better tasting version of Thai Donuts. Of course, calories were not a factor on this dinner. You just can’t think about calories or weight when you have dinner at Portofino’s.

Here’s a pic of our delicious Square Donuts.

If you’re planning to visit Portofino’s after reading this post, I suggest you go for a few walks this week, do some exercise, maybe save some of your calories throughout the week, because once you’re there, you’ll definitely want to indulge in every bite!

Portofino’s is located at: 11535 N. Kendall Drive (this is my spot) and you can also visit one in Homestead at: 650 N.E. 22nd Terrace.

Enjoy! Feel free to let me know how much you enjoyed it of you go. I’d love to hear what you had.


2 responses to “Local Spot, Delicious Tastes with Every Bite

  1. Juli and I always have a veggie pizza from Portofino and it’s amazing; and the eggplant parmesan appetizer is the best! I totally agree that this place is much better than Anthony’s Coal Fired pizza.

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