Creative Inspiration: My Writing Compulsion

I have a weakness for stationary. Anything pretty, floral, colorful, modern, girly, delicate – basically any design grabs my attention. I love pens, pencils, pretty notecards and stationary. My most recent obsession is with fountain pens. They’re old, they’re traditional, and their bold writing made me addicted.

Even though the modern world has revolutionized us to use e-mail and online graphics for basically all our communications needs. There’s just something about a hand-written note and the art of writing that I still love. Since I was a little girl, I always loved writing in my journals. I had a collection of journals. (CORRECTION: I still have a collection of journals). I find a purpose of each individual notebook. They can’t be plain, ordinary notebooks, but beautiful pieces of art bound over sheets of paper. I have journals for note taking, for reflecting, for setting goals, for writing pitch ideas, blog ideas and even book ideas. I know keeping these lists on-line would be easier, but the actual craft of holding a pen to paper makes my ideas flow better. It must be the creative soul and writer’s ambition lurking inside me.

I’m always searching new and different stationary. When I came across the iomoi collection in an issue of GLAMOUR magazine (I think it was the Nov. 2010 edition in cute gift ideas), I immediately bookmarked the website on my computer. Every now and then I’d take a look and finally gave in and ordered a few items for myself. I’m currently re-vamping my writing/desk space. Especially since that’s where I’m spending most of my time these days. I’m trying to make it a place that includes a bit more creative and different pieces. Anything that can inspire me once I glance over at it.

I haven’t gone too crazy on the iomoi web-site … yet. I pretty much want everything on their site. And the minute I hit the corporate world again, I’m purchasing this beautiful sleek, monogramed handbag for my everyday work needs. Take a look around, they have other beautiful options.

I recently received some pens in the color theme I’m branding all my writing/business communications and of course another journal. My new color motif: navy blue, bright-dark pink, with hints of red and orange.

Don’t these beauties inspire you to get your creative juices flowing?


The beautiful start to my iomoi inspirational collection.





How can you not be inspired with these beauties?







These aren’t the pencils from your middle school years? Trendy but appropriate enough for your modern office.







These beautiful hand-crafted pens are made of bamboo. Each are unique in size and texture. They’re a beautiful addition to any writer’s desk.







This is my current writing space. I love it. I think it’s beautiful, peaceful in a way, and a space for creative influences.






What inspires you to be creative? What do you use or do for writing motivation?


5 responses to “Creative Inspiration: My Writing Compulsion

  1. I would not be able to resist buying those pencils and pens! Whenever I go to a bookstore I can’t help but wander into the journal section. Even if I have a blank journal or two at home, I will still buy another one if its beautiful. I know I’ll fill them all eventually. Every poem and short story I write starts with a pen/pencil on a journal page. There is something almost magical about words flowing right out of my fingertips. 🙂

    Nice post!

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