Beauty Bust: Summer Hair Care


This week I’m enjoying a week long stay-cation at the beach. I am sitting here lounging on my beach chair with my feet in the sand and taking in the beautiful Miami weather.

Though the beach is beautiful and wonderful way to relax, it can also be strenuous to your hair and skin. One of my favorite hair home remedies for the summer time is to fill a travel spray bottle with some fresh water from home and mix in a bit of my favorite conditioner. This is a quick, easy and budget friendly way to keep your hair hydrated from the heat, salt water and chlorine. The heat and salt water can make your strands dry and stringy; keeping them hydrated will help them not dry out too much in the summer months. After a swim in the ocean just spray some on and comb it through. The heat and conditioner will work like a mask for your hair while you sit back and soak up the rays.

What skin and hair care do you live by in the summer months to keep your skin and hair from getting too much damage from all that summer fun?


What do you think?

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