Beauty Bust: Summer Brights

Summer isn’t quite over yet, but I’m already craving the dark rich nail colors of Fall. As I’ve confessed here, I’m slightly obsessed with nail colors. I’ve been using Zoya nail products for almost a year now after noticing it was one of the few nail products that didn’t irritate my skin, which I shared with all of you here.

However, now that my week staycation is coming to an end, I’m feeling a bit nostalgic about summer. There’s just something about bright-colored nails against the white sand that just screams, “ENJOY SUMMER AND HAVE FUN,” to me. It’s just playful and fun to indulge in the fun, bright, unexpected colors that come with the hot months of summer.

So for now, I’m going to dive in and enjoy the month that’s left of summer and my bright colors. Here are a few of my favorite colors of Summer 2011 that I’ve had in rotation this season:

Zoya: Charisma – which was also featured in InStyle magazine as a favorite of the season. It’s not as neon as it look in the bottle or on the site, but more of a bright, darker purple. This is a bright that’s definitely suitable for the office.

Zoya: LC  Named after one of my favorite characters from The Hills, this color is a nice coral color with hints of red. It’s not too pink or orange, but perfect for the beach. This is the color I have on in the picture above.

Zoya: Kara  Another coral tone with hints of orange but it leans more towards the pink shades than LC does. It’s also a bit brighter than LC in for the coral tones.

Zoya: Sooki This is a beautiful, rich classic red.

Zoya: Haley  This is also a nice classic red tone with hints of orange, not as cherry red as Sooki.

Zoya: Dawn This is a pink with hints of purple and it’s not too bright to wear to the office, but it allows you to enjoy the bright colors of the season.

Jessica: Seductress  A bright hot pink should be included in every summer color collection.

Jessica: Enchantress  Another coral color that leans more towards a light orange and peach tone. It’ll look great once you have a tan.

Now you’ve seen my color rotation. It’s probably more colors than one needs for the summer. I would recommend for each collection to include a pink, a coral and a timeless red to switch through the summer. One of these should be bright, yet tame enough to wear to the office. You wouldn’t want to be in a formal business meeting with bright neon nails. For work, the attention should be on you, not your nails, but for a weekend or vacation get-away, feel free to experiment and have fun.

What’s your favorite summer go-to nail color? Do you include dark fall colors in your summer manis & pedis?


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