Geek Chic

I am currently feeling a little under the weather, therefore I’m not up for a long post or too much creativity. However, I did make the collage below to show you my new craving. I am dying to find the perfect pair of black retro eye glasses. I think the sexy librarian, slightly geeky-chic look is so adorable. For some reason it slightly reminds me of Parisian cafes and literature. Although they are a little on the geeky side, if worn right I think they can be extremely trendy.   Although contact lenses are very comfortable for every day wear and active lifestyles. I still enjoy bringing out my eye-glasses every now and then and giving my look a slightly different take.  Here are some of the retro, black glasses that are currently inspiring me for whenever I purchase my next pair. I even love that one of my favorite actresses, Anne Hathaway, sports them so perfectly.

Retro Eye wear by michia featuring clear glass shades

Plastic shades $12 –

Gucci clear glass shades $265 –

Selima Optique clear glass shades $350 –

Selima Optique see through shades $325 –

Miu Miu velvet sunglasses $195 –

Spitfire clear sunglasses $35 –

Paris In Fall 699 –

My current pair of glasses are squared, red, Versace ones that I love. But I’m still trying to find the perfect retro pair. Here’s what my current pair looks like. They aren’t as large as the ones I am currently lusting over, but they’ll have to do until I find my next perfect pair.
I am a bit of an eye-glass hoarder, as I still keep in rotation some of my previous pairs that are still in style as well.
What are your thoughts – do you like to wear eye glasses or do you think they’re dorky and get in the way? What’s your favorite style? What do you think of the chunky/retro look?

3 responses to “Geek Chic

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    • YES! U can prob pull it off! I’ve actually tried those on before.. they’re Ray Bans and I LOVE THEM!! They’re just a lil out of my price range right now. Ray Ban has some for eye glasses that are pretty big, but if you want HUGE, you can get their sunglasses and change out the lens, then they’ll be extra large. My eye doc actually sells both forms as eye glasses. If I were you, I’d try them on and see. LOVE! 🙂

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