Shower with a Twist & A New Stage in Life

Lately I’ve had babies on the brain. Not because I’m expecting or want any babies of my own – yet – but because I’ve had a few days of relishing in the happiness of my best friend becoming a MOMMY! It’s a little weird when your childhood friends all start becoming mommies. There’s something about it that makes me happy, excited and a little nostalgic at the same time. The nostalgic part comes because it’s like a true stamp that a chapter of our lives – the crazy nights out and careless responsibilities, or lack there of – are slowly coming to an end. At the same time, it’s exciting to see my friends take on this new role. A new responsibility, a new version of themselves and to see their relationships blossoming into full little families of their own that really makes me happy for them.

This past Friday night we celebrated a baby shower for one of my best friends. This was a baby shower like no other, it was definitely a baby shower with a twist. Then on Monday, I accompanied this same friend to her ultra-sound appointment. First, I was honored to be able to share in this experience with her. There’s something about knowing we shared many drinks, nights out, dating adventures, tears, trips, sleepovers, shopping sprees and careless days to also sharing a moment as monumental as seeing her baby on a screen. A baby that will be my god-daughter very soon. See, there are friends who grow up close and become like family and then there comes a time in life where you get to choose and make them family. So after the baby is baptized, we will officially be family and linked for life. That’s a true testament to your friendship, when your friend trusts you with their child’s life. I guess our crazy nights, weren’t that crazy after all.

Now for the baby shower. Baby showers mostly consist of a Sunday brunch somewhere or at a home enjoying food, some drinks and talk with friends, all while sitting in place at your designated seating. For some, like my friend, this doesn’t exactly fit their personality. She’s much more sociable than that. So her baby shower was held on a Friday night, at a family member’s beautiful home and consisted of hors d’oeuvres and lots of cocktails. It was a Happy Hour Baby Shower. There were no cheesy baby shower games, no diapers, or baby food, and not even much cooing and aweing – unless you were raving about the beautiful decor. It was a night of gossiping and catching up with friends, enjoying some drinks (all except those who were expecting), and lots of well wishes. There’s a lot to be said about a mommy-to-be who wants to see her friends drinking and enjoying the alcoholic beverages, even if she can’t participate. Of course, the feel and mood of a party is all in the details, so here are a few of my favorite details.

 {Beautiful welcome table displaying the baby’s name and baby photos of Mommy and Daddy in black & white.}

 {Give guests some fun in trying to figure out who the baby will look like. Including two sonogram pictures of the baby.}

 {A slightly different take on the wishing tree, here guests were asked to write advice on “What every little girl should know…” It ranged from sentimental advice to some funny how-to’s for when she’s a little older. A very cute keepsake for her to look at when she’s older.}

 {Everyone loves sweets and this dessert table had plenty to choose from.}

 {Everything was labeled by these cute little chalk boards with glittery pink boarders.}

 {Sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect container to display your centerpieces. This option fit perfect. Pick your favorite piece of fabric and cover round or squared vases, add some ribbon and a cute embellishment and you have a one of a kind vase.}

 {The food options were picked by all the different tastes the Mommy-to-Be has craved during her months of pregnancy.}

 {They were all delicious and displayed beautifully. Making sure each option was clearly labeled so everyone knew what they were about to devour.}

 {Favors are a great way to thank you guests for attending. Edible favors are always enjoyed by all. It’s an easy way to make sure your trinket doesn’t end up in the trash, but enjoyed by your guests.}

 {The one-of-a-kind “M” painted canvas was done by the Mommy-to-be. It’s a plain white canvas with the baby’s initial painted in pink glittery paint. This would be very cute to reuse in the baby’s future nursery. Simply put, if there’s something you want and can’t find, make it yourself.}

 {Inside these cute “M” branded favor boxes were sets of pink and white beaded bracelets. A girly gift for every girl.}

 {If you want to stand out for all the dozens of showers your guests attend, you have to pay attention to the details. Instead of boring old wine glasses or plain cups, Mason jars were used for our tasty Sangria. The old school paper red and white straws gave them a vintage feel with every sip.}

 {Everything was labeled as you can see with our Red or White Sangria choices.}
 {Again, everything is in the details. Instead of throwing some plain water in the ice bucket. Personalized labels are easy to make and add a cute personalized touch to your water bottles. Everything was “branded” with the baby’s initial M.}

 {It was a hot, humid summer night so these personal fans which were available for all the guests really came in handy.}

Putting a great party together is a lot of hard work. If you plan ahead of time and spread out your projects, you can make your vision come to life. My friend had boxes of supplies surrounding her dining room since early April for her August Baby Shower. But she got everything done, every detail was perfectly planned and executed. The Baby Shower with a twist was a hit. It was fun and entertaining and we weren’t restricted to an assigned seat all night long.


What have you done to make your party stand out? What’s your favorite type of shower? What were your thoughts on the cocktail themed baby shower?


7 responses to “Shower with a Twist & A New Stage in Life

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  4. I had a great time. I totally agree this mommy to be is certainly”hip!” She really wanted all of us to have a GREAT time and we did!! I am so happy you were chosen as the godmother. By the beautiful words you’ve expressed in this blog ,I can see how much you care about them and their happiness. Your awesome! I know you are going to be a great part of our family 4-ever. xoxoxoxo, Christy Sena

    • Christy, THANK YOU for the beautiful words! (and for making me tear up on the way to a party!) I am excited for them and can’t wait to meet Mia! I’m happy to “officially” be a part of your family!!! 🙂 We have many, many years of memories ahead of us!! xoxoxo

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