Beauty Bust: Favorite Finds

It’s no secret I’m a makeup junkie. I am literally obsessed with makeup products. Going to Sephora, or any makeup store for that matter, for me is like walking in to a Toys R Us for a kid. I can be in there for hours experimenting, browsing and playing with all the beautiful colors. Getting home with a little bag filled with new goodies, literally puts me in a good mood. It’s like I have a skip in my step all day. Could something be wrong with me? Possibly, but I’m not fighting it. There could be worse things I could be addicted to. And anyway, what girl doesn’t love makeup?

Let’s take my hours at Sephora and purchasing makeup that I love – or hate – as a plus for all of you reading. (Well, the women anyway. Actually, maybe you guys can get some gift ideas, so read on.)  Here are a few of my latest favorite finds. Enjoy!

I have my cousin’s wedding coming up and I’ve purchased quite a few new makeup products, just for that day. (More on that as the wedding approaches.) But I couldn’t resist one of my purchases and I just had to try it. It’s an eyeshadow from Laura Mercier, called Baked Eye Colour in Black Karat. It’s a gold/bronze color with speckles of black. It’s gorgeous! I tried it on dry and it was ok, a little glittery. But last weekend, after reading some of the reviews online, I tried it wet as it was recommended since it’s a wet/dry shadow. I’ve never used a wet eyeshadow before like this. The only times I’ve used wet shadows has been those cheap ones in a tube and I’ve hated! It was gross. But this one, I just had to wet the brush applicator a little bit and it went on perfectly. It looks a little like melted golden metal on your eyes. It’s fabulous! If you’re looking for something fancy, different and trendy, this is it.

Another find I came across while perusing through Sephora was a rich, red lipstick/gloss by the Sephora brand in Always Red. I’m not usually a fan of red lipsticks, but every now and then there’s an occasion or an outfit that red just fits. This stays on all night. You might want to add some gloss to it throughout to keep it looking fresh, but the color lasts until you get home. It looks like a classic, bombshell red …à la Mad Men. It reminds me of the beautifully dressed, classy women of the ’60s. There’s something about wearing red lipstick that instantly makes me feel sexy.

There you have it. Those are my latest beauty obsessions. What are yours? Any new great makeup finds you’d like to share? I’m always looking for the next best thing. Keep visiting for more of my favorite finds, there are sure to be more soon and a special makeup edition for the wedding coming up.

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