Beauty Bust: Sexy Waves Minus War Wounds

This weekend, for the Roaring 20s party I attended for my friends’ birthday, I attempted to curl my hair. You know, those sexy waves every Kardashian sister seems to sport so perfectly and  were all over in the 20s. Well, the bad part in this equation is that I don’t have a personal stylist at home and apparently I fail every time I try to do this myself. They hair came out pretty good, not as perfect as the Karashian’s, but I did it myself. The fail part is because I ended up with some war wounds of my attempt. I burned my knuckle on one hand and also burned the back of my neck. The burn in the back of my neck is not small, it’s a huge burn that looks like someone might have been trying to physically hurt me, except I did this to myself. All in the name of beauty, right?

Well, because of my war wounds, I decided to share some tips with all of you on how to perfectly use a curling iron to achieve those sexy curls.

Here we go:

  1. Start by preparing you hair with a heat protector. Heat protectants help protect your beautiful hair from your styling tools and can add shine, and help in preventing you from frying your hair (like I fried my neck). Brush your hair and after all the knots are out let the curling iron hear up. *Your hair must be dry or you’ll burn it.*
  2. Open the curling iron by holding your fingers around the handle while pushing your thumb down on the moving part of handle. I like to hold the curling iron vertically to try to get the curls to fall vertically, instead of straight across your head.
  3. Clip the curling iron onto a half an inch strand of hair at the top part of your hair, the part closest to the root, by lifting your thumb. Then slide it down to the tip of your hair, while twisting it to get it to curl around the rod. Pull iron down to the tip of your hair. I’ve noticed that if I put the tip of my hair between the clipper and rod and curl upward, the ends turn out sort of straight, have the clasp marked on them and look a little burned. My best advice is to grab hair from the top slightly and roll downwards to the tip of your hair.
  4. Continue to curl your hair until you reach the top part of your hair and hold it there for 10 seconds. Once your hair is wrapped around the rod, roll the rod upwards to the root and hold for a few seconds.
  5. Open and close the curling iron until you ease it out of your hair. Try not to unroll it out of the iron, but instead let it slip off slowly. You don’t want to undo the curl.
  6. Optional: (I’ve never tried this, but read it online and it looks like a great tip I will try next time.) After the curl is free, pin it up using a bobby pin. Leave it to completely cool before taking it down. This will ensure that the curl stays in place.
  7. Repeat the steps on all of your hair that you want curled. (I like to leave the curls as they are and not brush them out. The gravity will make them slowly fall into place.) Also use hairspray to hold the style, especially if you have straight or fine hair, because after a few hours your curls will begin to loosen and fall apart. You don’t want to have half curled hair mid-way through the night.
Now, try to avoid ending up with war wounds like I did. I always either burn a finger, the tips of my ears, or apparently now the back of my neck. Don’t ever hold the rod to close to your skin. Ears are extremely sensitive. Take it from me. I’ve burned them almost every. Single. Time.
What are your tips for beautiful, sexy, wavy hair? Any tips that have worked for you that I might have missed? Do you have a go-to hair style when you want to do something a little different from your every day do, if so share.
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3 responses to “Beauty Bust: Sexy Waves Minus War Wounds

  1. I followed a tutorial I saw one on YouTube, showing how to achieve a very similar look, using a straightening iron to curl your hair!! I know it sounds weird but it’s awesome and one of my favorite ways to style my hair now!

    • I’ve heard of people doing it with a straightening iron but I can’t seem to get it for some reason. I even invested in the instyler, but the curls come out a lot looser.

  2. Instead of using the bobby pins to keep the curl in place while it cools I use velcro rollers. I also hair spray the curl before putting in the roller. They work great! I just don’t do it often because it takes forever!

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