Tennis is My Racket

Over the summer I spent a week at my uncle’s house in Port St. Lucie and we spent a lot of time playing tennis. My uncle has played tennis since he was a young kid and has a great passion for it. He’s always tried to get me to follow his footsteps in the tennis world. Needless to say, that didn’t work out too well. For my 10th birthday he gave me a tennis
racket and a paperweight for my desk that had inscribed, “Tennis is my racket”. He wanted me to think of him whenever I saw the paperweight. We would go to the park on the weekends so he could try to teach me how to play tennis. They key word in that sentence, is try. It didn’t really work out too well and after a few weeks I gave up and turned to ballet instead. Like any 10-year-old, it’s tough to commit to something so early on in age.

Fast forward 21 years and we were at it again. This time by my own choosing. During the week I spent in Port St. Lucie with my uncles and cousins I went to go watch my uncle and aunt play in a few matches for the leagues that they were each in. It looked like so much fun that I asked him to try to teach me again. One afternoon we had the whole family clan trying to play – my aunt and uncle, three cousins, my cousin’s friend and one of their boyfriends. It was a great afternoon filled with lots of fun and many laughs. I was so hooked that I was soon the one making the plans trying to rally up the gang again for another afternoon of tennis. It’s a great way to workout while having fun. I’m the type of person that quickly looses interest in working out if it’s mundane like riding an elliptical at the gym. Tennis is a great way to be social, have fun and burn those calories. We played for about an hour and I had burned over 400 calories according to my Polar heart monitor watch. However, according to a few health website a singles game of tennis burns about an average of 450 calories and a game of doubles can burn off about 300 calories.

I just wish it was easier to play tennis as a single, but you’d still have to find another single to join you in the game. Have any of you tried playing tennis before, what did you think? Any good leagues to play that you can go to now and then? Anyone need another single player to play again or to join them for a game of doubles?

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(I’ll be attending a wedding this weekend and we have a few events leading up to it and after the wedding so the blog might be a little quiet until then. But continue to check back soon for details of the wedding, my wedding makeup selections and more!)


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