Wedding Bliss: Rehearsal Night – Traditions & Surprises

I am finally back and I’ve half recuperated from THE Wedding Weekend Extravaganza! Before I start today’s post, I want to say that there were SO MANY AMAZING AND DIFFERENT things going on at this wedding that I have decided to write about it all week. So instead of one giant, enormous and probably overwhelming post, I will be sharing different parts of the wedding throughout the week. So make sure you stay tuned!

On Friday night, the Rehearsal for the wedding day and Rehearsal Dinner were hosted by the Groom’s parents, as is traditionally customary. The wedding was held at the Coral Gables Congregational Church, which has a beautiful rustic feel to it, and was also the location for the rehearsal.  The rehearsal went by quickly and the bride walked down the aisle with the beautiful, yet tacky customary bouquet made of ribbons and bows from all the gifts she received at her bridal shower.

After the rehearsal, everyone headed to the Villagio Restaurant at Merrick Park for a celebration with all those who were taking part in the wedding ceremony. The traditional Rehearsal Dinner is a beautiful way to thank your bridal party, those reading or participating in your ceremony and anyone else who has taken an important role in the planning and preparations for your big day. It’s also important to invite those who have traveled or flown in for the special occasion as it’ll give you time to mingle with them. The Wedding Day will be hectic and you will have hundreds of guests to spend time with, therefore you might not have another chance to give those out of towners some of your undivided attention.

This is a moment for the Parents of the Groom to take a role and contribute to some party planning of their own. This rehearsal dinner included some beautiful speeches from the Groom’s Step-Father, Bride’s Dad and even the Bride and Groom said some touching words to their family and friends.  Dinner was delicious and included choices of pasta, chicken, veal, red snapper, swordfish or lasagna – making sure everyone’s pallet had an option.

The menu was set at each place setting letting guests know what the options were. On the back of each menu was a personal Thank You message from the Bride and Groom-to-Be for their guests. As well as cute pictures of Paris and London, where the happy couple would be off to for their honeymoon after the wedding.

Though the dinner was mostly prepared by the Groom’s parents, the Bride had some little touches of her own throughout. As most of us all know, the Wedding Day is basically all about the Bride! This Bride took the opportunity of the Rehearsal Dinner to surprise her Groom with a little something for him. She had a Groom’s Cake done for him representing his Alma Mater and favorite team – The Florida Gators. The cake was my favorite little detail of this night. There was a little Gator adorned with a tux and a replica of the Bride’s wedding ring to represent her on the cake as well. It was a cute small gesture to let the Groom know there were some touches representing him as well. He was definitely surprised and loved every bite of the delicious chocolate cake. This cute cake was the creative work of Sweet Inspirations by Maite.

After dinner, the bride and groom gave their speech and distributed gifts to all involved in the wedding. This gives them a moment to thank those participating for all their hard work, preparations with the wedding, bridal shower, bachelor and bachelorette parties and overall thank you. The gifts given can be simple or meaningful and usually for the bridal party it will consist of things they will need on the big day. This bride and groom gave their bridesmaids a cute shirt for them to wear while getting ready on the Wedding Day, each embellished with rhinestones declaring if they were a Bridesmaid or the Maid of Honor. The ladies also received the jewelry they were to wear with their bridesmaid dresses, which consisted of gorgeous, sparkly earings and a matching bracelet. They also received a bottle of champagne, Sofia Blanc de Blancs, to toast and celebrate. The groomsmen each received a bottle of Glenfiddich single malt scotch and a leatherman key chain. Gifts to the grandparents and parents were a little more sentimental. They each received a photobook with all of the pictures from the bride and groom’s engagement photo session. Each one was personalized with a touching message. The parents also received a gorgeous engraved silver frame including the wedding invitation on one side and a spot for a wedding picture of the bride and groom in the other. I also received a delicious bottle of champagne for my simple job of greeting guests at the wedding and helping the bride fluff her dress and perfect her veil before taking her first steps down the aisle. I think the gift outdid my job for sure. It was a pleasure for me to be able to participate in this wedding, no matter what role it was, even as just a guest, I would’ve been content. Even though, at this wedding no one was “just a guest” as guests were made feel special throughout the weekend. (Stay tuned for more information on that in a future post this week).

If you’re planning your rehearsal dinner here are some tips: make it simple and relaxing – you want to be able to enjoy your guests and spend time with them before the wedding day madness begins. Include special touches – whether it’s your favorite drink, a beautiful speech, a slide show of the couple, or a crazy theme – make it your own. Make sure to say THANK YOU to all of those who hold a special place in your lives, those who have traveled to share this day with you, your amazing bridal party for their participation and of course, your parents for loving you and supporting you throughout the process. Don’t stay out too late or drink too much – you want to be fresh for your big day and you don’t want to be hung over. Relish in all the love you’re receiving and make sure to give your parents and siblings that extra time they may need before officially saying goodbye and going on your own (even if you’ve lived on your own before getting married). Many families see a wedding day as an official step in becoming your own little family. Finally, take a moment with your soon-to-be- Bride or Groom and take it all in. You want to capture this feeling and moment forever. This is the beginning of your Wedding Celebration! Don’t forget to take lots of pictures too.

I’d like to add a little personal note to this blog today and say CONGRATULATIONS TO THE NEW MR. AND MRS.! I hope you have an amazing marriage and enjoy this week’s posts. Thank you for the inclusion in your special day! I love you both and wish you many years of happiness and lots of babies! (Yes, I want more nieces or nephews!)

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5 responses to “Wedding Bliss: Rehearsal Night – Traditions & Surprises

  1. Beautifully written and described! Your talent will soon pay off! Keep up the fantastic job you are doing with your blog! …and thank you for all the beautiful photos!

    • Thanks for the kind words, Miriam! And I’m super happy you liked it! I can’t wait for the newlyweds to get a look when they get back. Feel free to share the link with the rest of both families. Many, many more photos will be coming this wk.

      Alex, get a notepad because this wedding was filled with great ideas!!

  2. Loved it!!! Can’t wait to plan my rehearsal dinner :). I’m sure I’ll be loving every blog this week!

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