Wedding Bliss: Welcoming Touches

Weddings are all about the Bride and Groom, but you can’t forget about your guests. If you have guests who have traveled to share this special day with you, make sure they’re aware that you appreciate their effort and travels for making it to your Big Day. Though this weekend’s wedding was a local one, a couple of guests were out of towners and stayed at the hotel, which was also the venue for the reception. Though the wedding was local, many family members and friends used this opportunity to stay a night at the hotel. It was a great way for everyone to enjoy all of the dancing, open bar and not worry about driving home.

As guests checked into the Biltmore Hotel in the heart of Coral Gables they were given a gift bag by the receptionist. This was a Welcome Bag from the Bride and Groom. It was filled with munchies, water, wipes, candy, a few other treats and a beautiful card signed by the happy couple. I thought this was a cute idea as many times when you’re stuck in a hotel you get the munchies, especially after a night of drinking at a wedding. The water bottles had custom-made labels with the wedding colors and a thank you message. They also included all the amenities available in the hotel as well as information for the next day’s  Send-off Brunch for the Newlyweds. The card was also custom-made with one of the couple’s engagement photo’s on the front of the card.

The soon-to-be married couple didn’t even forget the little ones who were in attendance. Although, it was an adult only wedding, some of the kids were being babysat in their rooms while mom and dad enjoyed the wedding. The Bride and Groom gave these families not only the Welcome Bag that the rest of us received, but a special Welcome Bag for the little one as well. I know one lucky little girl was greeted with a bag filled with a few books and a doll. This little girl is about to be a big sister and the Bride and Groom were so thoughtful that they even included a book about being a big sister. These gifts were sure to keep her entertained with her new goodies while mom and dad enjoyed a night of dancing and fun at the wedding.

Then just minutes after arriving in our luxurious
room, there was a knock at the door and it was a bell boy with a silver tray filled with fruits and bottles of Pellegrino. Another welcome gift for the weekend. We had only been in wedding mode for a few minutes and already we were thanked and pampered. These are all easy ways to make
your guests feel special that don’t add extra stress to your day. The Bride and Groom left everything in the hands of the great hotel staff and
spent their Wedding afternoon being pampered themselves.

The Bride was off with her Bridesmaids and moms of the Bride and Groom getting ready with hair, makeup and lots of mimosas. While the Groom, who doesn’t need as much getting ready time as the girls do, was out in a Cabana by the pool with his Groomsmen, fathers of the Groom and Bride and many of the male guests, who had already checked in, also joined in the fun. The guys were having a great time enjoying the enormous Biltmore pool and drinks before getting ready for the Big Day. I’m sure that calmed the Groom’s nerves just a little bit. It was a beautiful afternoon, (thank you Hurricane Irene for not hitting South Florida), enjoyed by all.

It doesn’t take much to make your guests feel special on your wedding day. It’s a nice surprise as many won’t be expecting it because we know the Wedding is all about the Bride and Groom. If you’re planning your wedding, don’t forget those who make this day special for you – all those guests who have made time to share this day with you.

What did you do at your wedding to make guests feel special? What are some out of the box ideas that you’ve done for a wedding or any party to make guests feel like you appreciate their attendance?

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2 responses to “Wedding Bliss: Welcoming Touches

  1. Wow! Terrific post! The Bride and Groom will be SO happy to read how much their guests appreciated their welcome gifts! Love your writing style!

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