Wedding Bliss: Cocktail Hour Treats

After the beautiful ceremony, it was definitely time to party. Before the reception kicked-off, we all had a chance to enjoy the Cocktail Hour. Cocktail Hours are usually simple and used as a gathering place for your guests to munch on some food and enjoy some drinks, while the Bride and Groom are taking their pictures. This Cocktail Hour was filled with little details, just like the rest of the weekend was, and made guests feel like royalty.

Once we walked into the lobby of the Biltmore Hotel, we were greeted by a line of waiters dressed in white coats with silver trays filled with purple cosmopolitans, the signature drink of the night. Each guest was given a drink upon entering the hotel. The line of white-coated waiters was so impressive! They were never without drinks on their trays. The minute one waiter ran out of drinks, he would leave to go refill his tray and another waiter would fill his spot with a tray filled with fresh drinks. I have never seen anything executed so flawlessly before. The Biltmore staff really did an amazing job at executing this and making sure everyone had a drink. There was always a line of waiters waiting to greet arriving guests with a drink, and it looked as elegant and flawless as one could imagine.

Hors d’oeuvres were passed and the bar was open. Each cocktail napkin you received with your drink or your tiny bite was inscribed with a “B” on it for the couple’s new last name. The food was delicious, the Biltmore chefs really did a great job with the tiny tastes, but those purple cosmos were even better. Let’s just say it became my signature drink of the night.

The sign-in table looked beautiful. Each place card was set on the table with your name in an envelope and the number table you were assigned to inside. The numbers were written beautifully in a calligraphy type of script that was big enough to fill the entire card. Each envelope was adorned with a small rhinestone outside, which was a theme carried out throughout the entire engagement process. The Bridal shower invites had a rhinestone as the ring of the bride on the invitation, the wedding invitations had a rhinestone on the top center of the invite, the rehearsal dinner invitations also had the signature rhinestone. So naturally the place cards did as

The guest book was a book of the couple’s engagement photos, which were gorgeous and everyone enjoyed looking at them. There was enough space for guests to leave their loving messages and well wishes for the Newlyweds.

The flower arrangement at the welcome table was huge and stunning. It gave you a glimpse of what to expect when you went inside to the reception. The purple tone of the wedding was carried out and flowers that were in the bridesmaids bouquets were also found in these arrangements as well. The cocktail tables were kept a little more simple and had a floating flower and candle. Simple but still elegant. 

The atmosphere was joyful and elegant. Music was provided by a guitarist, who was actually pretty good. The musician is also the same one who performs for the Biltmore’s Afternoon Teas. He really fit the atmosphere they were going for. He entertained us all with his tunes as we mixed, mingled and enjoyed the Cocktail Hour treats.

What have you done or seen done at a Cocktail Hour that stood out from the rest? Any out of the box ideas? Share with us in the comments.

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2 responses to “Wedding Bliss: Cocktail Hour Treats

  1. Wow, I am speechless again! This is the first glimpse I get of the signing book / escort cards table! Never got to see it that day! Beautifully written, Michelle! Love it!!!!!

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