Lusting for Fall

Lusting for Fall

Empire line dress
$130 –

Empire line dress
$130 –

Nautical dress
$187 –

Dorothy Perkins poncho top
35 –

Gibson one button jacket
$88 –

J crew
$98 –

J Crew low heels
$325 –

Betsey Johnson vintage heels
$117 –

Banana Republic soft leather shoes
$198 –

Hobo international bag
$238 –

Foley Corinna slouchy handbag
$298 –

Marc by marc jacobs jewelry
$175 –

Pieces floral shawl
€20 –

$5.99 –

Emilio Pucci oversized scarve
$395 –

Printed scarve
7 –

Labor Day is officially behind us, and for many that marks the end of summer. For those in Miami, like myself, it only means slightly less humid days. Though the official fall/winter season is still a few weeks away, I’m already longing for cooler nights, cozy clothing, and jewel-toned and neutral shades. Living in Miami I don’t often get the chance to indulge in all the wonderful winter styles. Getting a new sweater or two and maybe a new jacket is usually enough to keep you stylish around here for the few actually cool days we have. However, there are some key Fall Fashion pieces I’m majorly lusting over.

The first thing on my Fall Fashion Lust List is a button-down jean shirt. This can be worn so many ways, I’m sure I’ll get great use of it. I could wear it with leggings and riding boots (another item on my lust list), for a laid back afternoon. I could wear it over a t-shirt or tank top for a slightly different take. I could even possibly throw it on over a maxi dress or pair it with white jeans to give it a more fall friendly look.

Now back to those riding boots. I’ve always hated really high boots – probably because I find them hot living in Miami. But this year I’m lusting for flat riding boots that go up to your knee. These could be my staple go to shoe all season. I would pair it with a long maxi dress (also on my lust list) or wear it with leggings, jeans – the possibilities are endless. Another shoe I’ve never been a fan of, but somehow have been noticing it a lot lately are stiletto ankle boots. They remind me of the tacky ankle boots moms used to wear around the 80s, which is probably why I haven’t given into this style before. But now the new stiletto and peep-toe stylish ankle boots have been drawing my eyes to them. They would dress up any outfit, whether it be jeans, a romper or even a chic fall dress. Pair any of your summer staples like a classy romper with these on your feet and a stylish jacket or sweater and you can turn in a summer style to a fall friendly look.

Now for the maxi dress I keep mentioning. Maxi dresses are a great go-to style in the summer. They’re airy, comfy and effortless. However, many are sleeveless. I’ve been noticing Fall’s take on the summer staple dress with slight sleeves, darker colors and more fall-friendly materials. This could be thrown on with the riding boots for a casual daytime look or accessorized with a cinched belt, a nice bag and some of those ankle boots for a more dressed up take. I’m definitely adding one to my closet this season. Now to just find the right one.

Since winter nights aren’t that cool here in Miami, I’ve been lusting for a rich brown casual leather jacket since last winter but never found the right one. I want to find something that falls round my hips, that I could use as a casual cover up in place of the ever-lasting jean jacket. I have a long black leather jacket, which I’ve had for years, but that one looks a little more formal. Though this is a more pricey investment to any wardrobe, it’s one that lasts for years to come. Leather jackets are a staple to any winter wardrobe. I’ve also been lusting for a black blazer since last winter but never found the perfect fit. This is also a classic staple that could work with many options and could instantly give a casual style a more polished, put-together look by adding this one simple piece. The last cover-up I’m eyeing this season is a cozy cardigan I can just wrap myself in. Something thick, effortless and maybe with a belt to wrap around. This simple orange and navy cardigan also looks comfy and cozy to wear on a slightly cool night.

Finally, my last items on my lust list are fun playful accessories. I’d love to find a dark rich brown hobo bag that could be me go-to bag for every day. I’m slightly obsessed with purses. You know how they make fun of women having too many shoes on TV and movies? Well for me it would be purses instead of shoes. I’ve also been looking for a bold, black casual watch. It would be a good addition to my winter wardrobe and watches are also timeless additions.

My final item on my lust list is something I already own dozens of, but love. Scarves. Scarves are so versatile and easy and pull together any outfit quickly. I love adding a scarf to a simple jeans and a tank top or t-shirt. You could also add it to your jacket or blazer for a pop of color. You could pair it with a dress or just throw one on for warmth. I was fortunate enough to inherit my grandmother’s vast collection of scarves to my collection. Her vintage styles added to my more modern takes have given me a huge collection to pick from. I usually like them made from thinner materials. I have some made from linen and they don’t wrap as well and are usually thicker and longer and not as easy to wear. In my opinion the thinner materials like cotton, silk or my personal favorite when they’re made from viscose are better options. These materials make them easier to manage, not as hot for those living in Miami and also versatile. Although I already have a collection of scarves, I’d like to add some rich fall jewel tones and maybe something with some red to my collection. Red is a color I could use a lot during the holiday season. I think if you’re thinking of adding scarves to your wardrobe you might want to start with a neutral, one with lots pop of bright colors so you could wear it with many outfits, a black and white one, and maybe one with fun graphics or patterns.

These are the items I’m currently lusting over, though I’m sure more items will be added to this list through the season. Although some of the items I’ve included in the photos are more on the pricey end, I am positive more budget-friendly options could be found for each. These are merely listed as inspirations for my lust list and not necessarily exactly what I searching for. With a recession, I’m more on a budget-friendly hunt for these items.

What are you lusting over this fall/winter season? What new pieces are you saving up for? How do you incorporate the fall/winter trends when living in a warmer climate? What’s your favorite part of fall fashion?


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6 responses to “Lusting for Fall

  1. I actually found a GREAT pair of riding boots at Nordstrom Rack that I took with me on my honeymoon. They were great because I noticed that they actually dressed up any outfit that I wore (I wore them EVERY DAY in London). I think they actually MADE every outfit that I wore and they were WAY more comfortable than wearing boots with heels. Also being a Miami native, I have never actually owned a pair of boots that go up to my knees but I’m so glad I bought them and I can totally see myself wearing these a lot as soon as the weather cools down a bit.

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