Beauty Bust: Traditional to Trendy

Tonight I attended Fashion Night Out in Miami with some friends and had a wonderful time. I will be sharing with all of you tonight’s fashion in tomorrow’s post. For now, I want to share with you some fashion for your nails! Going back to the wedding I wrote about all last week, I want to share with you my nail color for the wedding. I will also be sharing my makeup for that night in a future post.

When I found my dress for the wedding, I knew I didn’t want to wear a plain nude color on my nails. It’s usually more traditional and classy to wear a nude or french manicure to events like this but honestly I wasn’t in the mood. This was the first wedding in a long time where I wasn’t part of the bridal party and I was enjoying the freedom to pick my dress, nail color, hair, etc. I guess I was going through some form of rebellion towards anything “traditional” for wedding attire.

My dress was a dark navy color and mermaid silhouette. The top of the dress was sheer nude material with crystals sewn on. At first I thought I’d go with a deep, dark red because this dress certainly didn’t deserve anything “traditional” on my nails. But once a new Chanel color was pointed out to me, I fell in love. I first saw Graphite by Chanel in People magazine Style Watch. I later passed by my nearest Chanel makeup counter to see if the color looked like the color did in the magazine and it did. It’s a beautiful dark, charcoal gray color with subtle sparkles. The nail polish has tiny speckles of gold and silver glitter mixed in, but it’s not a glittery shade. From afar it looks like a metallic, charcoal grey. It seemed like a nice trendy color, allowing me to go away from the traditional colors. Yet, it wasn’t too in your face.

When I first put it on, it seemed to be picking up some shade of green. I nearly had a heart-attack because I thought my nails looked green and my dress was navy! But being that it was late, the night before the wedding, I really didn’t have time to re-do my manicure. I sucked it up and went with it. The next day when I put on my dress, the color looked normal again. The only thing I could think of is that it was picking up the colors in the lighting from where I was at.

The nail color ended up looking perfect with the dress. It was a nice change from my usual French manicure for weddings. The color also received a lot of compliments through the night.

If you’re looking to try something different this season, I suggest trying Chanel’s Graphite. Metalics are in this season as a dark browns, reds, purples, and army green shades.

What new color have you discovered for this season? What’s your favorite color for Fall? Have you tried something other than the usual neutral or French manicure for a wedding? How did it go?

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2 responses to “Beauty Bust: Traditional to Trendy

  1. Thanks! I was happy they didn’t look as green as they did at the rehearsal dinner. The color was risky, but it worked for the best. I was happy with that over doing red 🙂 P.S. and “fantastic” as you say when they were done by moi! 🙂

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