Fashion Night Out Miami Style

On Thursday night I was able to attend my first Fashion Night Out in Miami. So I guess I’m now FNO de-virginized. Fashion Night Out was started three year’s ago by Vogue’s editor in an attempt to get consumers shopping and supporting the fashion industry during the economic downfall. It’s now recognized as the kick-off to Fashion Week all around the world. On the same night, all over the globe, people come together to celebrate fashion. This year Fashion Night Out was celebrated in countries such as: Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Greece, Japan, India, Korea, Mexico, Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom among others.

I was lucky enough to have an event going on right in my own city. I attended Fashion Night out at Neiman Marcus in Merrick Park, which was hosted by Ocean Drive magazine. At the event there were stations to get an mani-pedi, different drink stations by their sponsors such as Vodka and Señora Martinez. There was also an Ocean Drive pop up shop, where the magazine’s editor picked the best styles for the season and had them displayed for guests to see.

The drinks from Señora Martinez were absolutely delicious and worth going to the restaurant just for the opportunity to have that deliciousness in a glass again. There was also a station set up by the Miami Art Museum at the event. They had a station imitating one of their exhibits where you get a bracelet with someone’s wish. You wear the bracelet and when it comes off the person’s wish that you are wearing should come true. My friend and I both got a bracelet with someone’s wish, a wish we also resonated with, we’re paying it forward. It’s not all fun and fashion, we’re trying to help others too.

The main event was a fashion show, where fabulous Miami models showed the crowd how to be stylish for the upcoming Fall and Winter season. If you’re looking to stay with the trends, there was a lot of sparkles, fur, knee-length trench coats, bright colored stillehttos, jewel-tones, and more brights. There was a lot of lace used and what looked to me like 1920s inspired dresses. Things weren’t too overly sexy, if it was a backless dress the front was high necked and with sleeves. If the dress had a plunging neckline, it had long sleeves but a short skirt. For men, the styles don’t really change much but they did show some vests, velvet jackets, bow ties, suits with subtle plaid prints, clean lines and classic dark colors. However, dark purples and some blues were seen in the men’s clothing as well. Don’t be afraid of color gentlemen! Enjoy the photos below for some Fall trends inspiration. Remember, in fashion there are no rules. Mix and match these styles to your taste, play with the trends and add or take away what fits best for you.



 {Mani-Pedi station at the mall for complimentary manicures while at FNO.}


 {Señora Martinez bartenders making their delicious drink.} 

{This is the deliciousness in a cup I mentioned above. It’s like a little taste of heaven in a glass.)  {This is one of Ocean Drive’s Editor’s picks for their pop-up shop.}

{Miami Art Museum’s wish bracelets.}

{Full House for Fashion Night Out Miami.}

Pictures of Fashion Night Out Fashion Show at Neiman Marcus and the night’s event are in the slideshow below. Take a look for all the new trends of the season. 


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


What did you do for Fashion Night Out? What city did you participate in and what were the events? What do you think of Fashion Night Out? Are you going to Fashion Week? If you are, share your experience!  Do you plan on attending FNO next year, if so where?


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