Beauty Bust: Rebellious Glam with Kat Von D

Do you guys remember the wedding I blogged about for a week straight because it was just so fabulous I had too much information to share? Well, as a typical girl and makeup junkie I was very excited to shop for my dress, pick out a nice hair-do and get some fabulous makeup for the event. For a few weeks, my mom and I browsed the makeup counters at Macy’s and Nordstrom and the aisles at Sephora until we found the perfect shades for our dresses. We both decided on a somewhat unconventional line for the both of us. We went with Kat Von D‘s eyeshadows. Did you all know that Kat Von D, formerly from Miami Ink and LA Ink and famous tattoo artist has a makeup line? Her edgy line exemplifies a little of Old Hollywood glamour and of course her signature rock ‘n’ roll style. Needless to say that for my mother, a very conservative woman, and even myself to venture into a makeup line that’s known for items such as a tattoo cover up, was definitely not our usual custom.

However, I do have to say that the colors were gorgeous. She had the perfect shade of navy blue with sparkles to match my dress. That was the key factor that sold me into trying it out. I wanted to do a smokey eye effect, but in blue’s to add a bit of pop to the eyes. My kit, called True Romance Metal Orchestra, was a set of eight colors with navy shades, black and grey shades as well. The kit my mom purchased for her dress had vibrant plums and shades of purple, as well as a few browns and golds. Hers was titled, True Romance True Love; even the names add a bit of glam and a bit of edge. I have to say the eyeshadow lasted the entire night. My biggest pet peeve when it comes to makeup is dishing out money for some great colors, only for it to last a couple of hours  before it fades away. If you’re going to spend money on good makeup and not the convenience store brands, it should last the entire night without fading.

I would give Kat Von D’s makeup line two thumbs up and I’m sure I’ll  be experimenting with other products in her line as well. It works as an edgy style, but if you’re personal preference is more glam, it works for that too. Also, the shadows come beautifully packaged. The package was so cute, I keep storing the kit in its original little box. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. But it feels like I’m opening a personal gift each time.

For those of you wondering what the final product looked like, here’s a picture of myself when my makeup was all done. Yes, it was done by me. Yes, it took me forever to complete the look. The best advice I can give you when doing your own makeup for a special event is allow yourself enough time to do things calmly. (You might also need extra time in case you mess up and have to wash it all off.) Experiment with it, have fun and enjoy. For me, doing my makeup is sort of a meditation process. I truly enjoy every second of it.

What makeup line surprised you? Have you ever purchased something outside of your comfort zone and loved it?


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