Beauty Bust: Glitterati Glam

Glitterati Glam

Lately I’ve been noticing glitter in nail polishes everywhere I go. Some of these polishes make me think of grade school days, but others look really glam. I already own a couple of shades that have some slight glitter in them such as Zoya’s Yara. Zoya also has quite a few other colors with some sparkles, especially their Holiday 2011 Collection titled, Gems and Jewels, which became available on September 15th. The collection features six beautiful, vibrant, sparkly shades with plenty of glitter or a metallic twist.
As you all know from my previous posts, I’ve become allergic to many polishes and can only use the ones that are three-free, so I’ve been researching some brands. Right now, I’ve only tried Zoya but I have a few others on my list to test. Three-free polishes mean that they are non-toxic lacquers and are formulated without the use of harmful ingredients like Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP or Parabens.
When I attended Fashion Night Out a couple of weeks ago, I came across Deborah Lippmann polishes. I had never heard of this collection so of course I made a note of it and recently researched the brand. Lippmann’s polishes are also three-free and the line has some gorgeous, glittery, fun colors in the collection. One of the most fun ones to me seems to be, Happy Birthday. I don’t know if I’m brave enough to sport this shade of sparklingconfetti, but it does remind me of a birthday party. I’m thinking it might look pretty cool over a dark black polish. The Ulta brand, carries a knock off of this shade for only $2 called, Pinata yada. I purchased a few of these $2 Ulta glitters and was not happy with them at all. Let’s just say the whopping $10 I spent are all going back to the store, except for maybePinata yada. I might be tempted enough to sport that one on my upcoming birthday over black. We’ll see how brave I get.
Regardless, there’s no denying that sparkles are springing up everywhere for the Fall season. I’m looking into which glitter glories I can add to my collection for this season. Right now I’m still in the research stage. One of my recent finds is a fairly new brand, butter LONDON, which has only been around since 2005. The Butter collection looks gorgeous! Butter is a London inspired nail company, which is known for being used by celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Betsey Johnson, my new obsession Rachel Zoe and many more. Many of the polishes have cute London names of places, things or even people. There’s even a polish named after Kate Middleton, No More Waity Katie, though we all know that Katie is no longer waiting. That Prince has been snatched up and living a fairy tale at the moment. I’d personally would really like to get my hands on West End Wonderland and Wallis, though Wallis is more metallic than glittery. I love this quote from Butter’s website because I completely agree with this statement 100% – nails can make or break an outfit. They said, “Nails are a fashion accessory and can have a huge impact on an outfit, so getting them right is crucial.”
So ladies, what do you think about these glittering polishes? Do you think they would make or break an outfit? Are you willing to try the glitter nail trend? If so, which ones have you tried or which are your favorites? What’s on your wish list?

Glitterati Glam by michia on

Deborah Lippmann Boom Pow Nail Lacquer
$20 –

Deborah Lippmann Ruby Red Slipper
$18 –


7 responses to “Beauty Bust: Glitterati Glam

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  4. I too couldn’t resist and purchased 3 colors from Butter LONDON!! I bought Yummy Mummy, Old Bloke and Tea With the Queen. They aren’t the glittery ones but I became obsessed with the website and reading the descriptions of the colors that I HAD to buy these!! I can’t wait to get them!! I’ll show you hopefully when I see you again!

    • HAHA! I got the version of Yummy Mummy that has subtle sparkles in it, but it’s the same color, it’s called: All Hail the Queen. I also got: No More Watie Katie, Chancer and Rosie Lee, which I had on this wk. And I ordered and waiting for it to arrive: La Moss, West End Wonder and i’m DIEING for Wallis (that’s the one I originally wanted). And with that order I got a free bottle of pink ribbon. I don’t think I should get any more for a looong time! Since you got diff. colors let me know how yours are. 🙂

  5. I went on the Butter London website and the colors look awesome!! Your blog totally inspired me to update my nail polish colors!!!! I think it’s very important to always have your hands and feet polished. Hooray for your beauty updates!!

    • haha! thank you! so glad you liked it! The blog got me inspired to research Butter London and turns out they’re 3-free… meaning they don’t have formaldehyde and other chemicals I’m allergic to in polish. So I’m adding it to my list along with Zoya. Ulta had a sale last week (since they’re a bit pricey)– the Ulta sale was buy 1 get one…so I of course bought 2 got 2…and then they didn’t have the 2 I really wanted so I ordered some online that I’m waiting to arrive. If you’re their friend on FB you can get great deals. So far I’ve seen one every day last week. They’ll feature a color a day and it’s buy 2 get 1.

      Wait til you see my new crazy sparkly colors! I should’ve shown you was pink sparkles all the way. (rosie lee..check it out)

      Enjoy!! And glad you liked the blog…keep reading 😉

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