Beauty Bust: High Lighter for your Face

Ever flip through the pages of magazines and wonder how the models get those perfect, dewy faces without looking all sweaty and flushed? Well, here are my recent finds that will help you achieve just that look.

I recently tried the Boots No. 7 High Lights Illuminator for my makeup ritual for my cousin’s wedding last month. This was recommended to me by a family member and I’m glad I gave in and tried it. It really gave my makeup a beautiful glow. I applied the Illuminator after my Laura Mercier Tinted moisturizer but before the powder. I still used blush, but the Illuminator gave my face an instant glow. It’s a great addition to your makeup regime for a special night out or when you want to achieve that extra dewy glow. Though the product looks pink in the bottle, it doesn’t add color to your face. It just adds a hint of shimmer. You can also mix a few drops into your foundation for a more subtle sparkle.

Another affordable product I tried to achieve this same look is Sonia Kashuk’s Super Sheer Shimmering Highlighter. This product is more of a gold/bronze in the bottle and gives you lots of added glimmer to your complexion. It doesn’t really add color to your face, but it does add lots of shimmer. It also helps you achieve that glistening, dewy look we often see on the models in magazines. Sonia Kashuk’s highlighter is a great purchase for an affordable price.

I haven’t been able to choose between these two products. Instead I keep using them for different occasions. I feel that the Boots No. 7 has less sparkle than the Sonia Kashuk, but neither is over-powering.  It just depends what you like and the look that you’re going for. They both add some character to your usual routine.I recommend these if you’d like to achieve that gorgeous dewy complexion. If experimenting is what you’re after, the prices are affordable enough for you to try it out.

What do you think about dewy-looking makeup? Do you use any illuminators or highlighters? If so what do you think of them and which ones do you recommend?


3 responses to “Beauty Bust: High Lighter for your Face

  1. Thanks for this post!! I LOVE any product that adds a bit of glow. Years ago (I’m talking like ten!!) Revlon had a whole line of shimmer/glow-y products that I loved, but they sadly discontinued 😦

  2. I too have the Sonia Kashuk liquid highlighter and LOVE it. On days I use a powder, I like theBalm’s Mary-Lou Manizer. Neither of them are straight glitter and neither of them are white so they don’t make medium skin tones look washed out.

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