Beauty Bust: New Find, New Love

Many of you read my nail trend post on the new glitter and metallic shades that are showing up everywhere: magazines, Fashion Week, TV, and Celebrities. Everywhere I seem to look some fashionable lady has sparkly nails instead of the more traditional colors. I had written about the gorgeous colors I found on the butter LONDON’s site, though I hadn’t personally used any of them before. While researching for that post on being Glitterati Glam, I found out that ULTA was having a buy one, get one sale for butter LONDON that very day. Of course, being the polish junkie that I am, I rushed over to see what was in store. The two colors at the top of my list: Wallis wasn’t being sold at ULTA yet and West End Wonderland had already sold out. That didn’t keep me from purchasing other colors that I had literally added to a list on my iPhone on colors I wanted to get my hands on. That of course, didn’t completely satisfy me so I rushed online and scored a great deal on butter LONDON as well. With my online purchase I was able to get Pink Ribbon for free. I’m glad I rushed to order those shades online because Wallis, which was number one on my list, is now on backorder. I’m still waiting for that package to arrive and I’m anxiously waiting for my UPS guy to knock on my door with my box – I think the delivery date is Thursday (my birthday – YAY birthday gift to myself!). However, during the ULTA sale I was able to get, No more Waite Katie, Chancer, Rosie Lee and All Hail to the Queen.

I couldn’t wait to try on my new butter LONDON colors. Though I had a perfectly intact manicure of Zoya’s rich, dark, brown, Codie. I couldn’t resist so I added one coat of Rosie Lee over the dark brown polish and it looked great! I think this is a combo I will repeat.

{My nails done in Codie.}

{Here’s the Codie & Rosie Lee combo.}

Later on in the week, while my family was expecting a new little girl to be born, I thought it was the perfect excuse to wipe off the Codie and Rosie Lee combo and give Rosie Lee a try on its own. It took me three coats of Rosie Lee to completely cover my nails in its sparkling, pink, speckles of glitter. At first, I found it to be a little much. Though this was probably because I’ve never had a manicure of total pink glistening nails. I ended up doing my pedicure myself as well, since I don’t like it when my hands and feet don’t match. After getting used to the metallic looking pink polish, though it was really a cluster of tiny glitter pieces, I really liked Rosie Lee. I just had to give it a chance. It turns out I got a lot of compliments on it. It’s a color that will definitely get you noticed as there’s nothing sublte about glittery pink polish. It’s like wearing a pink version of Dorothy’s red sparkly shoes in the Wizard of Oz on your nails.

 {These two are of Rosie Lee worn on its own. Don’t they look like a pink version of Dorothy’s famous shoes?}

Last night, I tried another color from my new butter LONDON acquisitions. I gave All Hail the Queen, named as a tribute to Alexander McQueen after his death, a try. On the butter LONDON site it’s described as an opaque, holographic beige. It’s a winter version to their best-selling lacquer Yummy Mummy. I’ve been in search of the perfect neutral tan for a very long time. I’m not sure if it’s my skin tone or what but beige neutrals never look good on me. They either blend with my skin tone or look yellowish on me. The only neutral I ever do is a french manicure or a creamy pink/white color. We can say I’m not a huge fan of neutrals, mostly because of the way they look on me. Well, ladies the hoax is gone! I have found my go to neutral color. It’s dark enough that you can tell you’re wearing polish, but subtle enough that you could wear it to an important conservative work meeting. The holographic sparkles embedded in the color are hardly noticeable unless held up to the light or you look close into the polish. It’s perfect. I did put on three layers of the polish because I like it to be a little more opaque, but two coats could be plenty for others. It’s a great combo of modern and conservative and a great way for those afraid of experimenting with the sparkles of the season to give it a try without going overboard.

{This is the latest manicure in All Hail the Queen, though the sparkles don’t really show up in the picture.}

I’ll be sharing more with you as I try out the other colors I recently added to my little polish collection.

What are your favorite colors this season? Do you have a no fail go to color? What neutral do you usually go for? Have you tried butter LONDON, if so what are your thoughts?


2 responses to “Beauty Bust: New Find, New Love

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  2. I’m still waiting for my butter LONDON goodies to arrive!! I’ll let you know what I think! 🙂 I can’t wait ’till those sure to be fabulous polishes finally get to my door! I ordered Yummy Mummy, Old Bloke and Tea with the Queen.

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