Lovely Lace

Lovely lace


Feeling a little romantic? Lace is being used everywhere this season. From gorgeous cocktail dresses, to fun, short skirts, flowy button-down blouses, tops, pumps and even boots. It’s all in the detail this season! Adding a piece to your wardrobe with some lace will sure keep you in the fashionably stylish crowd. Take a look above for some inspiration. Combine some leather with your lace to add a little bit of a “tough girl” look to your romantic style. Mix and match to make it your own. Just keep in mind, it doesn’t have to be a formal or evening outing for you to add a little lace to your wardrobe. Don’t just keep the lace for the bedroom attire either, have some fun with it! As you can see, you can find it on pretty much anything this season.

What will you be adding some lace to this Fall? What are your favorite lacey pieces? How do you make the good-girl, romantic look of lace look a little bit more tough?

Cocktail dress
650 –

Bottega Veneta lace cocktail dress
$2,600 –

Carven lace long sleeve shirt
$785 –

Love Sam lace blouse
$275 –

Oscar de la Renta lace top
$971 –

Alice Olivia short skirt
$395 –

Zhor Nema short skirt
$795 –

Wet Seal platform pumps
$30 –

Dorothy Perkins leather boots
45 –


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