Intimate Affairs: Simplicity, Elegance and Love

I’ve been writing a lot about baby showers lately, partly because so many of my friends and family have been blessed with little bundles on the way. In just September alone we welcomed four little angels!

When it comes to planning your baby shower, there are no rules or molds you should follow. Many of us are used to the Saturday or Sunday brunch model where your closest lady friends get-together to celebrate you and your baby on the way. However, if that’s not your taste, make sure your baby shower (or even bridal shower) fits your personality. In the past months we’ve discussed: two sisters combining their shower together, a brunch shower where green, pink and lots of sweets wast the theme, a Friday night cocktail shower, and today we’ll talk a little about a more intimate dinner setting.

A good friend of mine is expecting her second little boy at the end of the year. Since it’s baby number two and she didn’t really have the need for a gift registry, she opted for a more intimate celebration for her. Instead of a big brunch with a room filled with every woman in her circle of family and friends, she opted for an elegant intimate dinner with a close circle of family and friends. The guest list was about 30, instead of the expected 60+ you might see at many shower celebration. Below are some photos of her gorgeous intimate dinner, which was decorated in navy blue. Nothing about this shower screamed BABY! Yet, you can tell we were celebrating the new little man who will be part of her life soon. Hope these gorgeous photos inspire you when planning your shower celebration.

 {LED lights were used to light up these gorgeous, thin vases in sapphire blue. A beautiful change from the standard flowers.}

 {Small vases of white hydrangeas were also set along the runner.}

 {Here’s the full setting. It provided a very intimate setting with the candles and simple centerpieces.}

 {Here’s a look of the entire table. One long, royal style table was set in the middle of the patio. Not even the hurricane type rain we had in Miami stopped us from having a beautiful evening.}

 {As a thank you to her guests, the Mommy-to-be made this home-made carrot cake jam herself and combined it with delicious carrot cake cupcakes in the little box.}

 {A table was set filled with yummy appetizers to keep guests full, while they sipped on wine and sangria before dinner.}

 {I’m always a fan of labeling the food on display so that guests know what they’re biting into.}

 {With all the fun and catching up we were doing, I missed a picture of the dessert table, which had as many tasty treats as the appetizer table had. Yet somehow I managed to score a picture of the pretty blue cake ball pops, which were also extremely delicious.}

What I loved about this intimate dinner setting was that although it was done at home and wasn’t filled with a room filled with too many guests, it still looked special and different. It didn’t just seem like you were over someone’s home for a casual dinner. It felt fancy, special and gorgeous in every way. All it takes for a shower to feel special is for it to be done with love. The love was very evident in how the mommy-to-be’s family and friends all made sure she didn’t lift a finger throughout the night and that everything was set in a perfect display.

How have you made your shower different from the rest? How do you bring your personality, style and taste to your dinner parties?


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