Beauty Bust: At Home Recipe for your Face

I usually try to do a face mask at least once a month. During the summer months, I do it about once every other week. I don’t really follow a schedule, I just pull out the little clay mask tube whenever my face starts feeling grimy. This is more common during the Miami summers – sunscreen, sand, the beach, sweat and makeup can really clog your pores, which is why I tend to do a mask more often in the summer months.

However, I think we should all try to use a face mask every now and then. Wearing makeup, sweat and the daily pollutants in the air can really do a number on your skin and in your pores. Every once in a while we need something a little stronger than our daily cleanser to really get the grime out of our pores. A face mask will clean your skin, clear out and tighten your pores, brighten and exfoliate your face. I would love to be able to go get a facial every month, but in this economy, many of us are cutting back and looking for more economical ways to get similar results. So here’s an at home remedy that might work for you.

Last night I went to do my usual mask and realized I had run out so I ran on google and started researching some home-made face masks, with not much confidence that it’ll actually work, but thought it would be worth a try.

{This looks more like the ingredients for a meal, but it was the perfect combination for a face mask.}


Here’s an easy one I found: Face Mask to Remove Blackheads

All you need are: 2 eggs 1 tsp. lemon juice  and a small mixing bowl

1. First you break 2 eggs and keep only the egg white, place them in the bowl and whip until it becomes a little foamy. The egg white draws out oils on your skin.

2. Then add about 1 tsp. of lemon juice. I used less than half of a real lemon to get this and squeezed it in. Whip that together as well to mix in. Lemon juice contains Alpha Hydroxy acid, which is a common over the counter remedy for blackheads. The lemon juice penetrates the pores and eliminates oils, dead skin cells and impurities, which may cause blackheads. It also works for tightening pores.

3. Apply this to a CLEAN face. Make sure your face was just washed before so that there is no oil preventing the mixture to stick on. Apply all over your face (some will drip so make sure you’re standing over a sink and you’re wearing a shirt you can dirty a little if it drips on).

4. Let the mask set in for about 15 minutes so that it hardens to the point where you can’t really move your face. The egg whites will cement together and harden the mask.

5. Peel or wash off the mask with warm water. The instructions I found said to peel it off, but it became more flaky than larger pieces I could peel off so I just washed it off with warm water. Apply moisturizing lotion after you’re done.

Surprisingly enough it worked! All the blackheads around my nose area, which is where most of us tend to get them, were all cleared out! I think this worked even better than the clay mask I always buy. It’s a great economical way to get some organic ingredients to work for a healthy, clean, glowing skin. I will be doing this again and looking for other recipes for homemade face masks.

Have you ever done a homemade face mask? Share your recipe in the comments below! Have you used any other homemade recipes to clean or moisturize your skin? Share them with us! Would you do this? If you try it out, let us know what you think.


2 responses to “Beauty Bust: At Home Recipe for your Face

  1. Great article! I am always looking for natural remedies and money saving ideas. This one is so simple but it really works. I tried it and found it to be that easy. Mine didn’t exactly peel either. Thank you so much for this great tip. In included a link in my blog.

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