Princess Bella’s Adventures: Halloween & Fame

Today’s post is going to be a fun one! Halloween is just a few days away and it’s time for kids -and pets – to roam the streets dressed in the cutest little costumes. I know some people think it’s a little ridiculous to dress your pets. But I am one of those pet owners who loves it! (Maybe it’s my internal biological clock ticking wanting kids, but the pets will have to do for now. haha). I have no shame in it, I think it’s fun and the kids who come get candy at my door get a kick out of seeing the dogs in a costume as well. When I go trick-or-treating with my god-daughter around the block, she always expects to see what Princess is dressed up as and enjoys watching her join us on our walk in a costume. Halloween is about fun, playing pretend and dressing up. Though I’m not a fan of the holiday and I don’t like to dress up in a costume myself, I really do love watching my four-legged kid dressed up in her cute little costume. Lately, I’ve even been dressing up my brother’s huge lab. Again, it’s fun for me and the kids love to see the dogs all dressed up as well.

For the three years that I’ve had my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, she’s dressed up every year. The first year, she was a cheerleader, and won 2nd place in the PetSmart costume contest, which won us a gift card to be able to buy her food and doggie toys. Though it’s all in good fun, some perks can come out of it too.

This year, my two babies were included in Self Magazine’s Halloween post on pets. Check out slide 32 for my two beauties national debut. The rest of the pets are pretty darn cute as well. If this doesn’t give you a mid-day smile, I don’t know what will.

 {Princess the Wolverine Cheerleader 2009 Check out that midriff!}

 {Emma, though she’s a girl, she was dressed as SuperMan girl, because it’s the brother’s favorite. 2010 Halloween}

 {My little fairy and SuperGirl on Halloween 2010}

 {They are super models in training…. Halloween 2010 This is also the picture featured in Self Magazine’s website.}


 {My little pumpkin for this year’s Halloween. She’s reusing a Halloween shirt she’s had from last year and I got her a little tutu skirt for dogs to make it a little more fun.}

{2011’s Halooween Costume for Princess Bella.}

Would you dress up your pets? Share photos or ideas in the comments below. What do you think about pets getting dressed up? What are your plans for Halloween this year?



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