Let’s Stay (fashionably) Connected

December is just a day away, making the Holiday Season officially here! This is by far my favorite time of the year from Thanksgiving to New Years – everyone seems to be in good spirits, there are many more social celebrations on our calendars, families and friends come together and it’s just a beautiful time to celebrate one another. It’s also the official season for giving and with that thought, I’m going to try to share with you as many unique holiday gift ideas as I can scour.

Right now I’m absolutely loving Diane von Furstenberg’s (DVF) new little fashionable invention. First, she brought us all the gorgeous wrap dress that will never go out of style and fit every woman just right, and now she brings us a little bit of fashionable technology. The new Harper Connect Bag would be the key essential to all of the busy women out there. Whether you’re busy woman with work or just with lots of media to haul around this is a gorgeous addition to your wardrobe. Let’s face it, it’s 2011 and we’re all addicted and connected to our ipads, iphones, tablets and what not just about all day long. I don’t own an ipad, but I can always be found with my iphone in my hand and my NookColor in my purse. We try to squeeze in every possible free moment, whether waiting for a friend at a restaurant, waiting in line for coffee, or just “wasting” time before an appointment we tend to use our little gadgets to catch up on emails, find out the latest happenings on Facebook, or unwind with an ebook or emagazine. We’re basically connected ALL the time.

The Harper’s Connect Bag makes it easy for you to carry your ipad (ok first you need to get an ipad before scoring this gorgeous bag) around town. With just the snap of a button your ipad is ready and available for you to use. Once your friend arrives for lunch, or your appointment is ready for you, all you have to do is snap close and you’re done. No need to fumble with putting away your gadget and wasting more time. Easy, quick and convenient. The DVF website describes this fashionably technological handbag as:  A custom-cut pocket made just for your favorite gadget ensures that no matter where you go, you’ll stay connected. With signature Harper hardware, a metal and leather chain strap and detachable tassel. Though the price tag might be way out of most our price rage, especially with the crappy economy, one can dream, or hope Santa’s elves find a way to put it under the tree. The bag prices for $1,200 for the printed pony edition to $695 for the classic leather version in a variety of colors.

So what are your thoughts on DVF’s Harper’s Connect Bag? Will it be keeping you fashionably connected?


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