Girly Gifts Galore

Girly Gifts Galore
We are now 11 days until Christmas and it’s reaching the time when all the “good” stuff is sold out at the mall and online and many of us are still racking our brains for the “perfect”gift for the ladies in our lives. Whether it’s your mom, best friend, sister, cousin, aunt or even grandma – women can be difficult to shop for. We all have so many different personalities. My best advice is to give something that fits the personality of that special lady in your life or targets her hobby. I know times are tough now for many – let’s face it the economy is pretty much still crap. Shopping on a budget could be very difficult. So I’ve searched the net for my favorite ideas under $50. (With the exception of the Nike gym bag which is $65, because I just loved it that much). I really liked the style of both gym bags shown above. You can carry it to the office without yelling “I’m in the midst of a workout routine” to all who see you walk in. It’s stylish enough to use after the gym as well. I’m all about multi-functional bags and these gym bags really do it. They’re cute and might encourage all of you New Years Resolution gym goers to stick to your routine a little longer.
We have something for everyone above. That girl who loves all the latest gadgets and always like to be connected. Whether it’s her iPhone, iPad, e-reader of choice or her laptop, let’s help her carry her gadgets in style. The Bride-to-Be can relish in her wedding glory and even prepare for her big day with the sweet gift ideas shown above. (And I even threw one in the for the bride searching for a cute little something for her Bridesmaids.) The girly girl can range from your fashionista bestie or your very classy mom or grandma. All the girly ideas above will put a smile on the women on either of the fashionable spectrum. The co-worker, friend or relative who is always in the air or on the road, whether for business or pleasure will love one of the handy ideas for our travel lady. And with the beginning of the year and resolutions so close by, I’m sure we all have an athlete or aspiring athlete around us that we can help keep on track with these sporty styles.
Have any great gift giving ideas? Share with us in the comments. We’re all looking for something unique to give and want to give that gift that will be remembered and not re-gifted next year. How’s everyone’s shopping going?

FOSSIL vintage top
$50 –

Victoria s Secret graphic tee
$25 –

Hanky Panky lace thong
$48 –

Dorothy Perkins satin pajamas
$29 –

$18 –

Mary green
$32 –

Hanky panky panty
$31 –

$12 –

American Eagle outfitter
$16 –

Nike activewear
$16 –

Victoria s secret
$15 –

Floral print shorts
£14 –

Nike nylon shoulder bag
$65 –

Oasis satchel handbag
$48 –

Liz claiborne handbag
$25 –

Diane von Fürstenberg tote handbag
$40 –

Puma handbag
$50 –

Travel luggage
$30 –

J Crew canvas shoulder bag
$37 –

PG Beauty tote handbag
$30 –

PG Beauty tote handbag
$30 –

Fashion Lady rucksack backpack
$30 –

Fiorelli black shoulder bag
£22 –

Forever21 mini shoulder bag
$25 –

Tag luggage
$20 –

Choker necklace
$35 –

Juicy Couture friendship bracelet
$28 –

Post earrings
$28 –

ASOS metal bangle
$18 –

Blue sapphire jewelry
$16 –

Owl necklace
£3.50 –

Peacock earrings
£3 –

Diane von fürstenberg
£25 –

Tying scarve
$12 –

Graphic Image Faux Python e-Reader Case
$49 –

Graphic Image E-Reader Case, Plain
$50 –

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