Guy Gift Guide: For the Guy with a Hobby

Guy Gift Guide: For the guy with a hobby
I don’t know about you guys, but I always have such a difficult time shopping for the men in my life. I feel like there is so much more to pick from when shopping for women. Every year I go crazy wracking my brain trying to come up with a gift that’s not your “usual” guy gift (stay tuned for a post on that soon too. Whether it’s my dad – the cigar aficionado, my brother – the tech junkie/sports car lover/ rookie golfer/ guy who has everything, my cousins or guy friends – I never find the task easy. The one perk about being single this time of year is that it takes one more guy (sometimes two, if you count a significant other’s dad) off my list and stress during this season.
I started off searching the net for gifts that are different to the mundane and some to focus on those guys who actually have a passion or hobby of some sort. I came up with way more than I originally thought I would. So today’s post I just focused on a few of the most popular hobbies. If your guy is into sports – whether he likes to pretend to be the star Quarterback or he’s more of a sidelines/coach potato watching sports kind of guy, I think there’s a gift for him above. There’s something for the guys who like to grill or wish they were on Top Chef, something for the guys’ guy who likes to rough it in the outdoors, the techie who can never have too many gadgets and the laid back cigar aficionado. If you have an idea I missed, please share it with us. I know plenty of ladies who would appreciate some help in coming up with ideas for their special man.
The holidays are not all about gift giving, but it’s nice to know the guy in your life that you appreciate him and allow him to indulge in the little things that please him (if only on December 25th before you start giving him your “honey do” list again).
Some of these would even make great stocking stuffers or “gag” gifts if that’s your thing. In my family, I always end up getting my brother a good gift and a “gag” gift for his stocking. I’m the only one who does the “gag” gift, but it’s usually something he likes but corny or in an embarrassing form – like crazy boxers, or something to hint him to hit the gym, he works in construction, so I once gave him a set of very miniature construction paraphernalia like yellow tape, orange cones, barricades, etc. That tiny gift was such a hit, I believe it’s still displayed on his desk at work and has even been taken “hostage” by some of his co-workers form time to time. Whatever you do have fun with your gift and make sure to put some thought into it and keep in mind what kind of personality your guy has. That’s the most important part of a gift – not how big or small it is, but how much you “get” the person you’re giving it to.
What do you like to give your hobby-obsessed guy? Share below. Feel free to direct us to any great sites where those off-the beaten path gifts can be found.

Calphalon No-Peek Waffle Maker
$125 –

Tiffany 1837™ Cigar Tube
$250 –

Bosca leather wallet
$100 –

Rumbatime unisex watch
$20 –

Men | Favorite Gifts | Brooks Brothers
$148 –

Door-In-One Golf Game
$9.99 –

De’Longhi “PerfectO” Grill
$100 –

Z Gallerie – Golf Pen Set
$15 –

DAZ 3D – Golf Cart
$9.95 –

Maxim Trash Can Basketball Game
$9 –

Econation Eco Boombox Speakers
£21 –

$199 –

Vintage Hockey Skates
$75 –

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