2012 What Did You Do to Get Lucky & My Way of Getting Lucky

 Happy New Year 2012 to everyone! I hope you all had an amazing New Year’s Eve and an even more fabulous 2012! It’s officially here – a time for new beginnings. New Year’s always also brings up a slew of superstitions. For years, my friends and I have worn yellow undies on New  Year’s Eve for good luck and red on New Year’s Day for luck in love. It’s an old “Fable” or myth or maybe truth passed to us by one of my best friend’s mom and ever since then we’ve been doing it. The one year I didn’t go purchase a NEW cute little yellow number for New Year’s Eve my entire year was odd, weird and VERY unlucky. I don’t usually believe in luck as controlling your fate, but on New Years, I always fall into all the superstitions I’m told to follow – and even a few I’ve added on my own.

Let’s see to welcome 2012 I . . . :

  • wore yellow undies on New Year’s Eve
  • red undies on New Year’s Day
  • I hate 12 grapes at midnight (must be consumed in the first 60 seconds)
  • drank champagne at midnight (must also be consumed in the first 60 seconds)
  • I kissed all the great friends around me and wished them well
  • I called my family at midnight to wish them a happy new year
  • I texted those who were too tough to reach or who I figured a text would be ok
  • I welcomed the New Year Dancing – I’ve heard that your year plans out how you welcome it, if you welcome it sad and crying it’s bad if you’re happy it’s a good year
  • Now for my personal superstitions: I went to purchase a new journal today. I’m a writing and ever since I can remember, probably around age 5 I’ve received a diary for Christmas, which I would start writing in it for the New Year. I’ve since upgraded from my Precious Moments Diary’s with a lock and key to a simple journal. My writing has also upgraded from a list of what I did that day and what boys in class spoke to me or not. Yet, the tradition of a new writing journal to capture all the wonderful memories in that year remains. Last year, I kept the same journal I had the previous year, and I have to report both years weren’t the best ones. So I am now skeptical to using an old journal. The book must be started fresh and new.
  • For the past couple of years, ever since watching The Secret, I’ve been doing my own version of a “vision board” and including it in the first pages of my journal. A vision board is supposed to remind you of things you want to accomplish or how you’d want your life to go. It’s a little like making New Year’s Resolutions. Though, I’d have to admit that a few of the things I put on there, even if they seemed like a long shot at first, ended up coming true or working themselves out. But like everything in life, not everything on these pages  happened.
  • I got a hair cut to start the year off with a “Fresh” new look and style. Change is always good, especially when welcoming in a new year.
  • I also started the year by giving thanks at mass.

I have friends who must eat Black-Eyed Peas on the first of the year, others that have a traditional family soup on the first, some that must have a kiss from their love at midnight, others that like spending the night quietly at home with close family, others who think if you walk around the block with your luggage it means you’ll have a year of travel. So share with us, what are your New Year’s Eve & New Year’s Day superstitions, traditions and customs. Nothing is too silly or out there to share. We all have our own set of fun beliefs!

Happy New Year to all… May 2012 be EVERYTHING that 2011 wasn’t!

*stay tuned for some of my New  Year’s Resolutions coming soon*


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