It’s 2012: Here’s to New Year’s Resolutions – Cheers!

It’s Day 2 of 2012, this is the time where everyone makes a New Year’s resolution – or ten. People come up with crazy things to change about themselves on New Year’s Day. Some will stick with some of their resolutions until December 31, 2012; some others might make it til July, most will probably give up before we get around to March. If you need help sticking with your resolution, whatever it may be, check out It makes you accountable by letting you share with friends/family how you’re doing and if you slack off, instead of giving up, those same family and friends can send you motivational messages.

I always think the best way to stick to a goal, whether it’s a New Year’s resolution or anything else, is to make yourself accountable. Let someone know what you’re up to, form a buddy system if that keeps you going, but if you do it all by yourself it’s easier for you to slack off and get off track.

Here are some of my New Year’s resolutions (the ones that aren’t too private, at least):

  • Blog at least 2-3 times a week
  • Be more open to new experiences
  • Say yes more often to invitations/plans
  • Be open to relationships without fear
  • Start putting a book together and make it more concrete than pages in a notebook
  • Be less picky (in various areas)
  • Be more active/ workout (I usually stick with this all year, but in busts, I’ll be all in for a month or two then take a 3 week break, etc. I need to do it and not stop)
  • Read the newspaper more
  • Read more books – This year I read 10.5 (sorry there was one I just couldn’t stick through no matter how hard I tried). Ten books are more than I usually stick to in a year, I have to thank my handy little NookColor. I’d like to aim for 15 next year.
  • Read more magazines in French (to try to keep the French I did learn in high school)
  • Be more financially savvy
  • Learn to cook more meals
  • Have plans to move in to somewhere new by 2013
  • Be healthier all around
  • Freelance more consistently
  • Give my blog its own web address
  • Travel more – at least two destinations in 2012
This is all you’re getting from me now folks. I have to go work on a more personal list of resolutions too. I think this list is enough to work on in 365 days. Also, let’s see how many I kept come December. I think most of these are tangible, what do you think?

What are your New Year’s resolutions? What do you to make sure you keep them? Or are you just ok with being one of those people who forget about their list come March?


4 responses to “It’s 2012: Here’s to New Year’s Resolutions – Cheers!

  1. I like your list of resolutions! I was going to come up with resolutions of my own but I can’t think of any that are different than the 35 for 35 resolutions/goals I started on my birthday this year. It’s been 2 months since I turned 35 and the only goal out of all 35 I’ve managed to accomplish is about more blogging. Like you, I wanted to make a commitment to blog more often and regularly. I’m glad to say that I’ve been doing that- even though I am convinced I’m writing to no one half the time 😉 Good luck with your resolutions, Mich!

    • Thanks! And those are just the resolutions I posted on the blog. I have 2 pages filled with ideas in my journal. haha! I might be crazy or overly enthusiastic about 2012! How’s your list of 35 going?
      I also think I’m writing to no one half the time (but the counter of hits on the blog makes me believe other wise! LOL). Keep blogging, because I enjoy reading it. And hopefully 2012 will be your year to move on to your more creative side!!! Has it been 10 years yet that I’ve been telling you this?? xoxox

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