Hidden Miami Treasure? Not for Locals, Knaus Berry Farm is Quite the Treat

Every year after the holiday season, my family and I get together and make the trek to the Homestead/Redlands area in Miami for some delicious treats. If you thought Miami was all about its downtown business district and night life, South Beach and the clubs, you were wrong. We do have some farm life down here, locals are mostly aware of its hidden treasures, but tourists many times forget that Miami goes that South and only stick to the hot spots and night life.

Our yearly tradition consists of going to the Knaus Berry Farm for some homegrown fruits, home-baked goods like their sticky buns which are to DIE for, and their creamy and mouth-watering milkshakes. This is definitely not the place to go to if you’re on a diet. But after all the holiday eating we do, what’s one more day, right? The lines do get long, especially on the weekends and holiday season, but it’s absolutely worth the wait. Anyhow, how often do us “city folk” spend some time in the “country” enjoying some fresh air? Stick out the long lines and enjoy the views around you! 

The Knaus Berry farm is owned by the Knaus family, who have been in the Redlands for over 50 years. The actual bakery and farm is open seasonally from November to mid April. You can find everything from baked goods, jams and honey, fruits and veggies to gorgeous flowers; all of which are either baked or grown by the Knaus family. They have a U-pick area in the back of their bakery where you can be your own little farmer and pick your own strawberries or tomatoes.

Many locals refer to The Knaus Berry Farm as the Amish farm, yet unlike what many believe, they’re not actually Amish but they’re Dunkers, a sect of German Baptists.

Here are a few pictures of what you can expect at the “Amish Farm” or formally known The Knaus Berry Farm. Enjoy the slideshow…..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Do you have an after holidays tradition? If so, what is it? Have you been to The Knaus Berry farm? What’s your favorite delicious treat? Any other hidden Miami treasures? Share with us below . . .


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