Blazin’ for Blazers

Blazin' for Blazers
Blazers have been showing up in fashion for a few seasons already, but we’ve mostly seen them used in the Fall and Winter months. They’ve been a great way to pull together a casual outfit of jeans and a t-shirt or add some warmth to a summer dress worn in the more chilly Fall months. However, now we’re seeing all the Summer bright hues showing up on Blazers, which means this style is here to stay for another season.
You can pair them up with shorts, a simple top and wedges for a put-together look. You can choose from the more over-sized Boyfriend style blazers to a more fitted girly look.  Blazers are adding an extra “umph” to a simple summer dress and are even being used in more glamorous events with a fancier style. You can even find blazers now with hints of sequence, or a more formal fabric, like satin, that you can use for a cocktail or formal event over a nice gown or dressy pantsuit.
What’s your take on the blazer style? What’s your favorite outfit to pair it with? What’s the most out of the ordinary outfit you’ve paired a blazer with? Would you wear a blazer in the summer? Do you like the new bright colors showing up on store fronts?

Single breasted blazer
$150 –

Rag bone long tuxedo jacket
$495 –

Gibson linen jacket
$88 –

GAP tailored jacket
$80 –

Aubin Wills slim fit jacket
£175 –

$50 –

Ark Co long jacket
$105 –

ASOS reversible jacket
$90 –

Gibson one button jacket
$88 –

One button jacket
$30 –

Long jacket
$68 –

Long red jacket
$68 –

Worthington blazer
$45 –

Forever 21 jacket
$30 –

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