Beauty Bust: Melt Away

I’ve realized that I haven’t written about beauty products or even nail products in a very long time. You must all be going through withdraw, aren’t you? Well, I haven’t purchased any new colors lately, but I have been using a new products I adore. At first I was a bit skeptical of butter LONDON‘s Melt Away. I saw it at Nordstrom and the sales person spoke to me a bit about it and had me try it. I honestly thought that no formula could easily “melt away” my cuticles. For me, the only way to get rid of ugly cuticles is to soak them in warm water with soap and lotion for at least 10 minutes and the clip them away. Since I’ve been on the “recessionista” fad with my nails, let’s say this takes me FOREVER! I tried Melt Away at the store on a few nails and it worked like magic. I was so hooked I went to my nearest Ulta store and bought a bottle. This was about three months ago and my bottle is almost done. All I have to do is sweep some over my cuticles, wait about a minute or two, push them back with a cuticle pusher and they’re gone. Melt Away really does exfoliate your cuticles. Sometimes, I nip the little bit that remains, but only because I absolutely loathe any cuticles showing. I do have to say that my cuticlies grow out softer and less often. So I guess I found the one product aimed for cuticles that actually works and isn’t a bunch of BS.

If you’re doing your manicures at home, this is a must have. If you want to prolong your salon visits and try this in between salon visits, this will work for you. This is the only cuticle eliminator product that I’ve actually continued to use and haven’t dumped in the trash after a few uses. Thank you once again, Butter London. Oh, and did I mention they are 3-free. Meaning free of Toluene, Formaldehyde, DBP, and Parabens, which makes them a non-toxic nail polish brand.


What’s your favorite way to get rid of ugly cuticles? What are your thoughts on butter LONDON? What’s your manicure routine? Any easy, quick tips to eliminate cuticles?


One response to “Beauty Bust: Melt Away

  1. It works!!!!! Thanks Michelle I went to Nordstrom and used the tester and 2 minutes later hooked and paid for the bottle! By far one of the best things on the market

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