Colorful Combination & Sassy Styles

Fashion Brigths
Today is Fat Tuesday, and that means Spring is right around the corner! I can officially start wearing tank tops and bright colors really soon. Although, I live in Miami, where it’s technically Summer all year round, I try not to wear my “summer” wardrobe in the “winter” months. Though I have been wearing bright colored jeans most of the winter, I’ve been pairing them with neutral colors. Now that Spring is almost here, it’s time to spruce up their color combinations up a bit.
Most fashion magazines have been talking about color-blocking since 2011, but in 2012 it’s become brighter and more in your face. Instead of subtle color-blocking seen in dresses, accessories and wardrobe combinations last year, this year color-blocking
seems to be on a higher level. Colors on opposite sides of the color wheel are being put together for a beautiful bold statement. Colors that our moms probably taught us that didn’t go together, are now what’s being called fashion. Be a little daring this Spring and combine two brights together! I bet you’ve never thought of putting orange and pink together or yellow and blue or green. These beautiful colors give the impression that you’re happy and cheery to anyone admiring your fashion sense.
What’s the boldest color combo you’ve paired together? What are your thoughts on color-blocking and the bright colors of the season? Is this a fashion trend you’re willing to try?

Tinley Road color block dress
$79 –

Aqua dress
$78 –

Flying Tomato long dress
$68 –

TIBI silk top
$245 –

Cropped blazer
$58 –

Sportmax pleated pants
$128 –

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