Let’s Get High & Low

High & Low
One of the new trends for the Spring might seem a little strange to some. It’s the new high and low hem lines. I’ve seen this style in stores already and it’s showing up in everything from button-down tops, to dresses, tunics, tank tops, formal gowns and even maternity wear. I’ve heard some mix reviews on this style. Yet, I personally think it looks pretty interesting. The idea is that for the tops and shirts the front falls right around your waist line and the back part of the top falls right on or near your behind. This could be a flattering style and it seems to be very comfortable as most of these tops have a flowy, loose feel to them.
When it comes to dresses, it’s the same idea. The front part of the dress will fall at or above your knees and the back part of the dress or skirt will fall near your calf or down to your ankles if it’s a longer skirt. Some of the skirts I’ve seen go as high as your thighs in the front. This can look elegant and dramatic with a very long back part. These dresses have a  laid back feel to them, yet many can also be styled up to look more put together for a nicer event or outing.
I’m currently in search of a cute, yet casual dress with this style and maybe a top. As soon as I get my hands on the right one I’ll share it with you all.
How do you feel about this new style? Is this something you’re going to try or are you absolutely hating it?

Sanctuary maxi skirt
$130 – bloomingdales.com

Blue Colorblock High Low Dress
$33 – lovemode.com

Forever 21
$20 – forever21.com

Forever 21
$20 – forever21.com


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