Mom-To-Be Fashion Madness: A Style Guide

Mom-To-Be Fashion Madness

Let me start this post by saying, NO, I am not pregnant! I do however, have lots of pregnant friends. I’ve been asked by these lovely ladies to help their fashion sense while growing a belly daily. I also, personally, hate to see pregnant women who let themselves go for the 9 months they’re expecting. So I hope this post helps them find fashion, even if they think they’re they size of whales. (Note to pregnant women: you might feel like a whale, but I promise you, you do NOT look like one!) Pregnant women usually have a nice glow in their skin, their radiating happiness and love. Your nails, skin and hair usually look best during pregnancy because of the folic acid and added hormones in your system. Use this time to your advantage and play up those perks. Plus, your “girls” are also an asset at this time, so show them off while you have them.

I get that while you’re expecting you’re uncomfortable. Especially during months 5 – 9 of your pregnancy. I get that your jeans no longer fit, you can’t see your feet (which are also swollen) and that you’re tired 99 percent of the time. I feel for you. But I also don’t think that any of this is an excuse to be lazy or let yourself go. You still have to be amongst the rest of society and people are looking at you daily. So even if you feel uncomfortable and think you’re the size of a house, try to muster up some inspiration from the above photos next time you’re staring at your closet with the, “I have nothing to wear” syndrome and put a little effort in your maternity style. Another excuse I’ve heard is that many pregnant women don’t want to invest in maternity wear because they’ll only use it for a few months. Here’s my personal take on this excuse. First, how many things in your closet do you wear for more than 10 months anyway? Also, you will probably be pregnant again, so investing in some key pieces that you can use again in a few years, might be a smart investment. No one wants to see you in the same raggy pair of leggings for 9 months, nor do they want to see you wearing flip-flops everywhere from your home, to the beach (both of which are acceptable), to dinner or even to the office. Also, ladies, please by all means wear clothes that fit! Your belly might be growing, but wearing things that are too small and up your midriff because your belly has pushed it up is unacceptable. Buy things a size or two larger so you can grow into it if needed.

Again, I might be off a little bit on this list, since I’ve never experienced this for myself, but I think having been around quite a few pregnant women in the past few years gives me some sort of knowledge.

Here are the key pieces pregnant women should invest in:

A great pair of dark maternity jeans – You can wear these to dinner, shopping, hanging out, even the office on casual Fridays. It’s an investment you’ll get your money’s worth out of. Invest in a style that isn’t too trendy, bootlegs usually transition from season to season, this way you can wear them in your next pregnancy as well.

Black leggings – not a cheap pair, but something made of a thick nice material so you can dress them up as well as use them for casual outings.

Maternity tank tops – these will expand with your growing belly and you can wear them alone or use them for layering. Layering is a great way to still wear those button downs you owned from your pre-pregnancy days. Just throw a maternity tank top.

Maternity T-Shirts – Basically the same reason as above. You can use them for layering, you can dress them up or down and even wear them to work.

Black pants – These can also be used for an array of styles and mix-matched a lot. If you work in an office atmosphere these are a piece you should definitely invest in. If you’re not in an office atmosphere you can probably do without them, but again, you can dress them up for a nice event or party or wear them for a more casual look.

Maxi Dress – Let’s face it, in the 9 months that you’re pregnant you will be invited to a party, a bridal or baby shower, a brunch outing, or a birthday celebration. Having a maxi dress that you can just throw on and be comfortable all night can be very versatile. It can be your key go-to dress for your pregnancy days. You can also get some use out of it after that baby is born and your body isn’t just where you want it to be yet.

A blazer – Though this is something you might already have in your closet from your pre-belly days. If so, just wear it open and not buttoned. This can be used for work, over the tank top and jeans to dress up your outfit for an evening out (all you have to add is a nice statement necklace), over your maxi dress or paired with your black pants for an important work meeting, funeral, or any other serious/formal event you might face in the 9 months of your pregnancy.

As for your feet, please dump the flip-flops in the trash or save them for home. I would suggest in cute sandals, maybe with some embellishments like rhinestones on them. These can be in a style similar to a flip-flop but will dress up your outfit more than those rubber $5  flip-flops you want to wear. They won’t be closed up so your feet will have space to grow into them as they start to swell during the end of your pregnancy. Also, New Life Shoes has a new line of shoes that you can literally “grow” into. They’re specially made just for moms-to-be. Ballet flats are also a great option for comfort and style, though towards the end they might feel a little tight. Also, mommies-to-be, don’t give up on your heels or wedges completely. Take flats with you to change from your heels when they get to be too much, but don’t give up on being feminine or stylish just because you’re expecting. Though, if you do decide to wear heels or wedges towards the last trimester, please be careful with your balance! (The third trimester might be a good time to put the heels away for a bit). We want to keep you stylish, but most importantly, we want to keep that baby safe!

The way to keep your minimal wardrobe from feeling like you’re always wearing the same outfit or boring is to focus on the accessories. It’s all about adding scarves, statement necklaces and some fun earings to change things up a bit from time to time. Have fun with style and let your personality shine through.

Need a list of places to shop for maternity wear? Here are a few affordable ones:


Old Navy

H&M (There will be one opening up in Miami Beach later this year).


What are your thoughts on mommy-to-be styles? Did you give up on fashion during your pregnancy? How did you incorporate fashion during your pregnancy while still being comfortable?

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