Celebrations of Love: Showered with Details from Where it All Began

I am currently on a whirlwind of events, mostly family events with a couple from my friends sprinkled in. From now until May we have: Baptisms, Bridal Showers, Weddings, Bachelorette celebrations, and even Baby Showers thrown in the mix. I’m talking like 2 or 3 of each. So every weekend is pretty packed with fun from now until May. On the bright side, I get to share all the beautiful decorating and party planning ideas with all of you! Just be patient, some might take a little while to put together.

The first one I’m sharing with you was a beautiful Bridal Shower for a very special bride, who will be marring my cousin at the end of May. I have been honored to have been chosen to be a bridesmaid at this wedding and I am so excited for the big day. Last weekend all the ladies got together for some Sangria, lunch and regular chit-chat at her Bridal Shower. It was hosted by one of the Maids of Honor at her home. I tend to like showers at a house because you’re not being rushed to eat and get out. You have more time to linger and catch up with your guests, enjoy a drink (or two or three) without feeling rushed to beat the clock. The Brides future mother-in-law brought a band who played some instrumental pieces and serenaded us through the afternoon. This wasn’t a classical musical ensemble, but complete with fun party music. Some of the ladies even got up and danced in groups. It definitely added to the ambiance of the afternoon and made it different from the sometimes boring restaurant brunches celebrations. The afternoon was so well enjoyed that it went way into the early evening.

The Bride is a true die-hard Florida Gator fan so the shower was appropriately themed, yet  there was no actual Gator mascot around. The University of Florida was also where the Bride and Groom met about 10 years ago, so the theme and colors really fit the bride perfectly. It was kept classy, and the color scheme of blue and orange was toned down a bit, while lighter, classier tones of each were used. Paper lanterns hung on the roof, white flowers adorned the long royal guest table, oranges were added to the bottom of the vases to bring in the orange for the Gators, and a light slightly turquoise blue was used to add a touch of blue with a single white mum. The gorgeous candy bar was filled with orange and blue in a variety of flavors.

Here are some photos so you can get a feel of how beautiful the afternoon and decorations were:

As you can see to the right of the table there are photos hung. All guests were asked to bring a photo of them with the bride from any age. As guests arrived they were asked how old the Bride was in the photo and then the photo was hung on display. During the shower, the bride was asked her age in each photo to see how many she could get right. It was a cute trip down memory lane for the Bride and for the guests, it was a nice way for them to see how every one who was in attendance is connected to the Bride and what type of relationship they have.

As you can see from all the images above, there was an array of flower arrangements. Personally, I loved that they weren’t too matchy-matchy but yet all went together with the color scheme.

You  might be wondering what these little test tube looking things are. Well, those are the party favors. I, personally, am not usually a fan of party favors. I think a lot of the time it’s money you waste (unless it’s an edible favor) because most people view it as junk and throw it in the trash when they get home. I’m sure no one was trashing these little tubes because they were filled with some deliciously smelling bath salts. Just a little something to add to your bath when you got home and relax.

These beautiful jars were filled with white sangria, water with oranges and red sangria. From the looks of the half empty jars, you can tell they were all a hit. We made about 5 gallons of the sangria, so there was plenty to keep these refilled through the afternoon.

The dessert table had something to satisfy every palate.

The candy station provided another little treat for guests to take home and enjoy later.

This cute little display and paper parasols were hung above the candy station.

These cards were given to each guest to offer the Bride some marital advice.

What are your thoughts of incorporating your college colors in your  bridal shower decor? Have you done anything that’s out of the traditional bridal shower for the bride-to-be?


5 responses to “Celebrations of Love: Showered with Details from Where it All Began

  1. I love your photography! The flowers are beautiful. Great site! I look forward to reading more!

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