Peplum Passion

Peplum Skirts
I bought my first Peplum dress last Spring. It was white, strapless and gorgeous. I wore it to my Graduation. I didn’t know then that Peplum was an up and coming trend. I just saw the dress, thought it fit nicely and liked the odd detail in the skirt. I instantly knew it had to be mine. It was unique and classy, just the look that I like to go for.
My dress made like small a “V” shape in the front, in that the peplum skirting started like an inch or so from my belly button, towards the back of the dress it made a long upside down “V” shape, which made the dress look like it had a little tail. I felt fancy, trendy, classy and fun. It was the most perfect dress I could’ve picked to celebrate such a milestone. It made me feel like it was a dress meant for a celebration, and that it was.
This Spring, the Peplum style is popping up in more places. It’s showing up at the end of tops, it was seen on some sweaters last season, on the top of pencil skirts and it’s been found on many colorful spring dresses. There’s the symetrical look in the front, there’s the cut-out back with a simple peplum, and there’s the drastic, upside-down “V” look show in the gray dress above. The definition of peplum in the dictionary is: a short flared, gathered, or pleated strip of fabric attached at the waist of a woman’s jacket, dress, or blouse. The definition is simple, yet it’s impact and detail on your wardrobe is drastic.
I really like this style. I think it’s flattering. It can help hide some problem spots, but it can also accentuate some areas as well. I guess you can say I was ahead of the trend last Spring, though it was totally accidental. I would say it was love at first peplum.
What are your thoughts on the Peplum trend? Have you tried it? Are you willing to join the party and purchase one for this Spring?

Rare mini party dress
$88 –

Scoop back dress
$58 –

Coral strapless dress
$39 –

Two tone dress
$34 –

Body conscious dress
$30 –

Burberry peplum top
$1,595 –

Peplum skirt
$75 –

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