Happy Feet: Color Your Canvas

Color-blocking shoes
Spring is almost here and lately I’ve been sharing with you a lot of the upcoming fashion for the hotter months ahead. The heat isn’t the only thing that is going to be hotter, as the fashion is all about hot, bright colors. We’ve already talked about the new stylish colorful shoes we’re seeing everywhere and about color-blocking your wardrobe as the new “It” style of the season. The style this season is definitely not for the shy or conservatives among us. It’s for those willing to take a bold, literally bold with color, gamble with their style.
Now let’s combine those two styles and talk about color-blocking shoes. And come on, what girls doesn’t have some type of vice for gorgeous shoes? Color-blocking everywhere this season, it’s even showing up on shoes, where two or even three opposite colors are combined in one stylish shoe. You can also find different hues in the same color family, as in blues or pinks or even tans to make a bold statement. You can keep your wardrobe monochromatic and just let the shoes do the speaking with their attention grabbing colors. Or if you’re a little more risky, feel free to mix in some of the colors found in your shoes in your wardrobe. Just don’t let both your wardrobe and your shoes be too attention grabbing. One or the other, should be the main focal point of your outfit.
I’ve already got my hands on some color-blocking pink peep-toe heels. The bottom platform is red and the heel is orange. I promise, they might sound a little crazy, but they’re not as tacky as that mixture might sound. I will share a picture with you all as soon as I take them out for some fun.
In the end, it’s all about having fun. Pretend you’re an artist the season and your wardrobe is your canvas. See how many colors you can get away with. I promise, this season, no one will be calling the circus for a mix match of colors! Have fun and explore.
What are your thoughts on color-blocking shoes? Have you already jumped on the bandwagon? Are you conservative or bold? How do you mix these new styles into your fashion? I’d love to hear how you’re making these styles your own.

Jessica Simpson platform shoes
$89 – macys.com

Jessica Simpson platform shoes
$110 – macys.com

G by Guess summer shoes
$59 – macys.com

Monsoon bow shoes
£40 – monsoon.co.uk

Jessica Simpson platform shoes
$75 – zappos.com

Giuseppe Zanotti open toe shoes
$750 – couture.zappos.com

Giuseppe Zanotti platform stiletto heels
$695 – couture.zappos.com

KG Kurt Geiger studded heels
£140 – johnlewis.com

Brian Atwood peep toe platform pumps
$795 – net-a-porter.com

Giuseppe Zanotti high heel shoes
$1,150 – intermixonline.com

Jessica simpson shoes
$81 – heels.com

Jessica Simpson wedge heels
$115 – heels.com

Asos shoes
$81 – asos.com

Jessica simpson shoes
$99 – heels.com

Jessica Simpson strappy heels
$81 – heels.com

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