A Little Peanut on the Way Made for a Special Day

A few weeks ago my friends and I joined to celebrate the coming of Baby Adrian! We all met for lunch at the Villagio in honor of one of my best friends. Surrounded by her family and friends, everyone was excited for the soon to arrive, Baby Adrian.

A new baby in the group to me means new life, added love, joy and exciting new experiences. It also means that my friends, same friends I used to stay up way too late drinking, dancing and taking crazy weekend trips with, are now officially grown-ups. They are moms. As hard as it is for me to make the connection that these now responsible adults are the same people I used to be so frivolous with, it’s a beautiful part of life. I’m so happy and lucky to have friends that have lasted through various stages of life. This is just a new stage and a new beginning. Adrian’s mommy is my latest friend to be expecting and she was also the last friend to tie the knot. That means that she was the friend who I went drinking with the longest, took the most out-of-town trips to: Chicago, Boston, the Keys and many, many weekend cruises with. She was my last “Wingwoman”. Though marriage should have made me realize that my last single friend standing was gone, her becoming a mommy confirms it. It’s a sign that our crazy days are over… ok, maybe not over but changed, we are not yet old enough for them to be completely over. I am so excited to witness my friend become a MOM in just a few short weeks. I am probably even more excited to meet little Adrian and hold him for myself. I am sure that he will be the perfect addition to our ever-growing friends family and little ones.

If you are getting ready to plan a baby shower, here are some cute ideas to inspire you. Little A.J.’s celebration was focused on an elephant theme, complete with circus peanuts in the flower vases. Hope you enjoy these very cute, yet very boyish ideas. Perfect for a celebration to welcome your own little man.

This gorgeous little elephant was made as a gift for the mom-to-be and fit perfectly with the decor. He was hand-made and I was totally in love with its cuteness.

I think it would be a cute little decor to later add to the baby’s room and would be a perfect fit as a reminder of his Baby Shower and the celebration the family had for him before he arrived.

The Welcome Table include photos of both mom and dad-to be with the baby’s latest sonogram in the middle. I bet everyone was trying to guess who will little A.J. look like when he arrives. I know Mommy and Daddy can’t wait to find out what little traits he gets from each.

The very pretty and delicate centerpieces were made one of a kind with the peanut insert in the vase. We had attempted to make this with actual peanuts but it was too difficult to keep the very fragile hydrangeas alive and watered.

The delicious “A” cookies served as a yummy treat for guests and as the seating card. It’s always great to make sure each of your guests has a place to sit and a place where they will feel comfortable. Wouldn’t you hate for your boss or best friend to be stuck in a table filled with grandma’s and distant cousins? Though having a seat is important, having a seat where the guest will be comfortable and have a good time and people to share in common conversation makes it even better.

The dessert table was filled with various choices of cupcakes and some chocolate favors as well. Making sure every taste was satisfied.

As seen in these cute little cupcakes, the elephant theme was carried in all the details throughout the baby shower.

Finally, the mommy-to-be wanted to be as ready as she can be for when baby arrives and got some advice from her family, friends, and all of her guests that both mommy and daddy could use!

Are you planning to celebrate a new baby in your life, share with us how you’re making your day special? Have any out-of-the-box baby shower ideas, share with us below. What did you think of this cute little boy’s shower? Elephants are definitely trending for babies right now!


2 responses to “A Little Peanut on the Way Made for a Special Day

  1. Hi. I love the peanuts hydrangeas centerpiece. I am planning a shower for my bff and wanted to make the same arrangement. Any tips you can help me with will greatly be appreciated. How do I keep the water clean and not turn nasty from the peanuts? Thank you very much.

    • Hi JB! We tried making them with real peanuts and it looked gross. That’s actually printed on cardboard and rolled into the vase. Then the stemps are put in a smaller vase with water inside. Hope that helps! I will be posting pics of another shower sometime next wk. That will be a nautical/whale themed one. Have you picked a theme?

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