Beauty Bust: Makeup Tip for Gorgeous Eyes

Have you ever been getting ready for a night out and go to apply your eye makeup and think it’s too light for the look you are going for? Ever wished you had a color that was a little more intense and not so subtle? Don’t toss your eyeshadow just yet! There’s a way to fix it’s hue.

Here’s a quick tip to help you when applying your eyeshadow that will intensify the color a bit. Damp your eyeshadow brush in some water, dab into your eyeshadow and apply. In order not to over do it with the water, I like to put some water in the cap of a water bottle and use it for dipping as I apply. You don’t want to soak the brush because too much water will just dilute the color and look like a paint by watercolor mess. However, damping the brush can make the color seem thicker, more intense and not so flat. If it looks like a bit much as you’re applying, don’t worry, as the eyeshadow dries the color will become a little more subtle. This is also great for shadows that don’t seem to “stick” to your lids when applying.

Don’t worry, I didn’t make this up. This tip was actually given to me by someone at a makeup counter and it works wonders! Some shadows are designed to be used either wet or dry, but you can actually use this with any shadow. Even if they’re the normal dry types. Adding a little bit of water will make your colors a little more vibrant and deep. Even the neutrals will look a lot more gorgeous once applied with a bit of water.

What’s your take on eyeshadows? Do you have a favorite brand? Have you ever used water to apply your makeup? Did you like it?


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