Showering a Special Bride-to-Be: Classy, Sparkly, Sexy and Family

A couple of weeks ago I celebrated my baby cousin’s Bridal Shower. I should probably stop referring to as a babymy baby – because she’s already a grown woman (AH! she’s an adult!), she’s 24-years old, with a college degree and a career well on the way. Now, also a wedding on the way. Her wedding will be taking place at the end of the month and I will be sure to share details of her Big Day here with all of you. For now though, let’s get back to the Bridal Shower celebration.

First, let me tell you a little bit about this bride. She’s my baby because she was born when I was about 8-years old. At the time, I was the only girl in the family so my uncle, her father, would let me go shopping with him for her from time to time . For one of her birthday’s he allowed me to pick her outfit. I dressed her up in a pink dress with light purple skirt that had white polka dots. This purple and polka dot concoction was all around her shoulders, with shoulder pads and all. I guess I secretly thought I was a fashionista back then too. I dressed her like she was my own personal live Barbie doll. It was so much fun! Although, we aren’t sisters by the way of how we were born, we’re sisters in every sense of the word on how we are with each other. My mom and her dad are brothers and sisters. I only have a brother and she has two, therefore at all our family events, dinners, holidays, birthdays, we were/are each other’s go to person. As she’s grown-up, she’s gone from my personal little doll who I would dress, feed and play tricks on, to my friend, sister and one of my very special confidants. If we don’t talk on the phone a few times a week, despite living hundreds of miles from each other, we’re both lost. We have to check in with each other regularly to keep up on everything: her weddings, family drama, guys, TV shows and even fashion. I guess I didn’t mess her up too bad by dressing her up in that pink, purple and polka dot get-up because she still regularly calls me for fashion consults like what nail polish color to choose for an outfit, what to pack for a trip, what to wear to a shower/a wedding/ sometimes even a special date with her fiance. The day before her Bridal Shower we were even scouring the stores for the perfect pair of shoes and jewelry. I try to rub off on her and succeeded for the Bridal Shower by getting her to add some gorgeous bright color-blocking shoes to her pretty all white, one-shoulder dress.

As you can see this isn’t just any other wedding I have to attend. It’s the day I’ll be watching my baby take the final step into adulthood, a step she’s a head of me in despite our 8-year age difference. I couldn’t be happier and more honored to be standing beside her at the altar as one of her Bridesmaids while I watch her say, “I DO” to a guy who’s treated her perfectly from day one, who’s become part of our very crazy family, who’s embraced us all, and who I know will be a wonderful father to MY nieces and nephews someday. (But please give me sometime to get used to her being a WIFE before you go making her a MOM!)

Now that I’ve shared with you who this little Bride-to-Be is, here are some photos of her gorgeous shower, which was mainly put together by her mom and her Maid of Honor, yet all her aunts, grandmother, Mother-In-Law-to-Be, other Bridesmaids, and even her dad couldn’t resist but adding to it as well.

Yellow has always been this future Mrs.’s favorite color and it was evident in every single detail of the day.

This cute candy station provided everyone with a special treat. Over the candy station, black and white photos of the Bride and Groom-to-Be throughout their years of dating hung for all to see.

These are some of my favorites:

This one is from the day they got Engaged! He proposed right before they jumped off a plane to go sky-diving, while they were thousands of feet up in the air.

These are from earlier in their relationship and their college days.

This one is one of my personal favorites (I even think it was taken by yours truly) on her Graduation day. I think he was as proud and excited about it as she was.

These are some of the tasty treats in the candy station, all favorites of the Bride-to-Be:

If you look closely in the photo above and the one below, you can notice that the martini glass and M&M jar were both adorned with yellow gems and rhinestones to add something sparkly to the decor. All the glass jars in the candy station had some bling added to them and they looked perfectly girly.

Their Engagement photos were showcased throughout. Some were pinned up on the picture stands, some used as confetti (you can see more of that below) and even on the favors for guests.

Photos were a big part of the shower. These tiny home-made photo confetti were made by the Bride-to-Be’s dad. They were all photos of the couple’s engagement session and were sprinkled through the Candy Station table and food table.

A bartender/server made it easy during the food serving and made sure everyone’s drink was always filled. The Sangria was absolutely delicious and a perfect adult beverage for a hot, Miami afternoon.

No detail was left undone as you can see by the name cards by the Sangria. Every dish, drink or pastry had a name card with what it was and who contributed it.

The water bottles were personalized with the Bride-to-Be’s name and the date of her shower.

None of the food contained any meat, except chicken, as the Bride-to-Be doesn’t eat meat. Obviously, the Bride-to-Be is the one we have to cater to on her shower and she has to be comfortable with all the food choices available. Each of her aunts, her grandma and some Bridesmaids brought a dish the Bachelorette likes for her to enjoy.

Her grandma made her favorite chicken salad and it was presented in a very chic way in the martini glasses.

I just loved all the appetizers there were to choose from. The main course was just as delicious with veggie lasagna.

The main table was set with yellow roses, the Bride-to-Be’s favorite flower, in a variety of different displays.

Traditional flower arrangement, with lots and lots of pops of yellow.

These rosebuds looked absolutely precious in a white bird cage.

Simple and sweet, the single rosebud was simplicity at it’s best.

Each guests got a variety of thank you gifts for attending as you can see from above. At each place setting there was a pen, a notepad with yellow trim of course, a photo holder with an engagement picture of the future Mr. and Mrs., and a glass coaster with their photo as well.

Everyone was also given this little advice card to give some marital insight to the happy couple-to-be.

Below are pictures of one of the cutest details of the day. The Mom-of-the-Bride gave these little pins to all the important ladies in attendance. By important, I only mean that they have a role the day of the wedding. Such as Mother-of-the-Bride, Bridesmaids, etc. See below. I thought this was a very cute detail, especially since the brides family lives in Miami, her parents in Port St. Lucie, the couple-to-be in Orlando, the Groom’s mom in Tampa, with lots of other guests in various cities in between. It provided those who had not met an easy way to make small talk. Plus, they were absolutely adorable. Don’t you agree?



Maid of Honor


Flower Girl

❤  BRIDE   ❤

This was one of my favorite little details of the afternoon, mostly because it’s so much fun. Though the Bride-to-Be did receive lots and lots of sexy lingerie, enough to fulfill every day of her honeymoon and then some, she also had these sexy little numbers to add to it. Guests were asked to bring a sexy panty and write a little sexy note to the Bride-to-be. Some of the notes were pretty funny and daring, while others more romantic. It all depended who they came from. The panty line provided some laughs, some fun conversations, advice for the couple-to-be and enough new panties for over a month!

Notes were pinned on to each panty as you can see. The Bride-to-Be might have turned bright red as we took down the panty line at the end of the afternoon and made her read all the sexy notes out loud to all her guests. That definitely provided some laughs, a blushing Groom (as he had arrived towards the end to surprise his Fiance) and I think even an embarassed dad (who had also joined in at the end with his future son-in-law).

Finally here’s one more detail of the afternoon. A photo collage made by the Bride-to-Be’s dad of all of their years together as a couple, which was displayed in the entrance of the shower. This now hangs in the couples home for them to always remember the journey that got the to become a Mr. and Mrs.

As you can see from all these photos above, no detail was left undone to make this day extra special for the Bride-to-Be, which was evident in her face as she walked into the patio to see all of this and tears ran down her face. That’s a first for this little lady who is usually a tough one to crack. However, those of us who are closest to her know how simple yet classy she is. This afternoon captured just that. It was simple yet classy in every single detail involved.

If you’re still wondering about the crazy color-blocking shoes I had her purchase to wear with her beautiful white dress, here they are. Our logic was they incorporated “something blue” for her becoming a Bride and a little yellow to capture the details of her shower. Could they have been any more perfect?

Being that our family is a very close-knit family, despite the craziness that comes along with that, I really liked how many of the details of the afternoon included and had a little part of all of those who are extra special to our soon-to-be-Mrs.

I think it’s important to keep your Bridal Shower your own and capture the essence of the Bride-to-Be completely. Small things can be done to make sure the day is representative of the future Mrs.

What was your favorite detail from the photos above? How do you make your Bride-to-Be feel special on her Bridal Shower day? What different things or traditions do you include in a Bridal Shower? How do you make it stand out from all the rest?


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