Wedding Bliss: Teeing Off to I Do

I attended my first outdoor wedding recently. It was my “baby” cousin’s ceremony. Let me start off by saying it was: gorgeous, simple, elegant, personal and completely stood for everything she is. The ceremony represented her and her husband as a couple as much as it represented who she is as a person. I loved that about this ceremony. It wasn’t too fussy, or over the top, yet still elegant and beautiful. It was simple, to the point with a little glitz and glamour sprinkled in. If you know this little bride that sentence could’ve been as much about her and her personality as it was me describing the ceremony.

The wedding was held over looking the golf course of the Breakers West in West Palm Beach. Being that the Groom is an avid golfer and the couple lives on a golf course, this setting couldn’t have been more fitting.

Here are some photos of the beautiful details throughout the day…

Cute blinged out Maid of Honor and Bridesmaid makeup bags! And affirmation of her “I Do’s” on some fab heels.

“I DO” his and hers wedding bands

The Bridal Party’s dresses and Bride’s dress. Yellow is the Bride’s favorite color since she was a little girl. The Bridesmaid dresses represented the cheery hue, as did details throughout the ceremony and reception.

It’s all in the details – a fancy hanger declaring the Bride’s new last name! The details on the top of her dress were also delicate, fancy, yet simple and not over done. Completely pure classiness in the lace and design.

Another shot of the dresses hanging while the Bridal Party enjoys getting hair and makeup done. These dresses were flattering to all the different body types, were simple and yet modern with their one shoulder step of flowers.

Brides’s heels for her gorgeous gown.

Who needs one garter when you can have three? The last Tampa Bay Buccaneers was a surprise for the Groom who is a die-hard fan.

Every girl needs a little bling and even more on her Wedding Day. Here are a few of the stunning pieces that made her look like a true princesses, as our niece spent all day referring to her.

Not a detail was left behind or unthought of. What fitting luggage tags to jet set to their honeymoon.

This was the setting of the gorgeous wedding at the Breakers West in West Palm Beach.

The Bridesmaid bouquet were gorgeous delicate Calla Lillies.

My favorite detail of the day! My grandmother passed about 12 years ago, she was also the Brides grandmother. Each of the grandkids were given this little pendent with a photo of us with our grandma. Mine is I believe the last picture I have with her on my 20th birthday. The Bride and I both pinned ours to our bouquets, the guy cousins pinned their little pendants to the boutineers, as did my uncle. My mom and aunt, though not part of the ceremony, were given beautiful sparkly pins with their photo hanging from it. It was a gorgeous detail for us all to share and remember her on such a special occasion. It wasn’t over the top and you wouldn’t notice it unless you knew. Even the pins my mom and aunt wore were classy and not too in your face. I loved that we were able to carry her memory with us down the aisle,since she was such an integral part in raising all of us. Needless to say, this little detail made me break out into sobs, just minutes before our walk down the aisle, when I received them. I was to pin mine and the Brides and for a few moments just had to take in the emotions and let them out. We missed her greatly, but these gorgeous pins, which I’ll treasure forever and quite possibly even add to my own wedding bouquet one day, were an amazing surprise that I’ll definitely cherish forever.

Here is my brother’s pendant on his boutineer. He was also not a part of the Bridal party, but was an Usher, but this little detail incorporated him and bonded him with the rest of us who had her photo close to us all day.

At the entrance of the ballroom a photo gallery of Generations of Love were displayed. The Bride and Groom are the first picture shown, alongside wedding pictures of their parents, grandparents, great-grand parents and even some aunts and uncles. It’s always refreshing to see how love can survive and what stems from them after the Wedding Day has passed.

Flower arrangements included the yellow and were simple, elegant and perfect for a Spring day time wedding.

The Wedding Cake. It was as delicious as it looks and the intricate details made it quite elegant.

Centerpieces were grand, but not in the way. Nothing drives me crazy more than centerpieces at weddings and event which block you from being able to carry a conversation with those at your table.

The Bride’s wedding bouquet. I loved that there were vases places at the cake table and Bride and Groom table for the wedding party as well as the Bride to keep the bouquets. We were able to keep them in water to keep our flowers fresh. I loved this detail! Many of the weddings I’ve walked in, by the time you take your bouquet home and place it in water to enjoy for a few days, the petals are withering away from sitting at a table for hours during the reception.

A modern set-up of the menu for the day.

I loved the wedding favors. They were little boxes of different yellow-colored candy. Here I have some yellow jellybeans. But what I loved the most was that there was a little tee tied to each one and the triangle shape of the card made them different. This incorporated the Groom in the details and his passion for golf.

The cocktail menu was cute and creative including the traditional Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue in the drink choices. Never-ended mimosas were also served all afternoon. Being that this was a very early afternoon wedding, which started around 11 a.m. the mimosas were a perfect fit. Their yellow color also made it the perfect signature drink.

Finally, once our cars were picked up from the Valet, the each had this cute little Thank you note from the new Mr. & Mrs. hanging on the rearview mirror thanking guests once again for attending their celebration. This was such a unique idea and had us talking about the wedding and it’s details the entire 2-hour ride home to Miami.

I have to say that before this wedding I had the idea that daytime weddings weren’t as fancy or elegant as night weddings. Though this may be true in that guests don’t wear full nightgowns many times, this wedding proved me wrong on my idea of a day-time nuptials. It was beautiful, elegant, modern and filled with personal details at every look. When the couple was announced at Mr. & Mrs., they were given two doves to release! That was a surprise gift from the Bride’s parents and guests loved the dove release as well. Doves signify love, peace, and unity. That was truly a perfect way to declare their new union. The morning’s thunderstorm and rain didn’t put a drop of delay or hinder the stunning ceremony in any way. The reception was just as fun and lively as these two newlyweds are. I would have to give a special shout-out and thank you to my go-to trusty DJs at The Party Pros for keeping the dance floor packed with all of our crazy family dancing and making fools of themselves until the last song was played.

CONGRATULATIONS MR. & MRS. ARMSTRONG! May you have a lifetime filled with love, blessings and a few cute kids! I’m ready to be an Auntie again soon! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your special day and share this milestone with you!

Here’s a slide show of a few more photos of the beautiful celebration. Enjoy!

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