Beauty Bust: A Little Mask Goes a Long Way

I’m going to let you in on a little secret today. My daily go-to hair care fascination. Consider yourself lucky, because I keep my hair-saving product a secret. But since you haven been such great readers, I’m giving you a little treat today.
I use this product daily. I’ve been using it daily for about six years or so. A few months ago, I couldn’t find it anywhere! There are only a handful of local places that sell this product, which comes from Spain, and for some reason they were all sold out at the same time. So I had to figure it out. I bought a few products from my local CVS, including that famously advertised Fekkai stuff (which I hated). I blame all of these drugstore products for damaging my hair! Damaging it so bad, that my hair felt hard, like if I had spent weeks in a chlorine pool, except it wasn’t Summer yet and my toes hadn’t even touched a pool or the sand just yet. It felt like a horses mane. I panicked! I made at home remedies (more to come on that in a future post), I bought vitamins, I bought it all until my products as back in store. By that point I had to purchase an extra mask to get my hair back to its shiny, silky, touchable strands that it usually is.

Photo from Salerm site

What’s my secret you’re wondering? Tell me already, you’re yelling? Well, it’s Salerm’s Leave-In hair treatment, 21 2+1. The Salerm site describes it as a hydro + protect + mask, which hydrates, protects and acts as a conditioner. Its scientific development based upon silk proteins and provitamin B5, adds shine and life to hair. I add this to my hair after a shower while it’s still damp, then blow dry and have gorgeous silky hair when I’m done. It’s my lifeline to beautiful hair and I haven’t been a day without it in about six years, except for those few traumatic weeks. My hairstylist introduced me to this miracle in a bottle and it was love at first use.

Photo from Salerm site

I used the Wheat Germ Mask after those few weeks with insane hair when I didn’t have my Salerm Leave-In treatment and I have to say it was also love at first sight. It smells great and is thick and leaves your hair rejuvenated. I put this on in the shower after my regular shampoo and conditioner and leave it on about 5-10 minutes before washing it out. It’s a moisture mask and really helps relieve your hair from the summer heat, Miami’s humidity and strains of all the summer fun like pool, chlorine, salt water, sand and sweat.



What’s your secret hair weapon? Do you have a go-to product? Do you do anything different to take care of your strands in the summer heat or cold, dry winters?


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