Beauty Bust: Holding on to Summer a Little Longer

I have been holding on to summer for dear life! Even in my beauty routine, I’ve been maximizing every minute left of my sheer colors, light makeup and bright nail polish shades. As of a couple a days ago, I started lusting over Fall. It could be that Zoya had a BOGO sale and I ordered just about every shade in their gorgeous Fall collection.

However, the previous couple weeks I had been wearing my favorite go-to pink/purple, Audrina, which was on my nails in constant rotation since Spring and even light yellows. Now, I’m sporting a darker version of a fuchsia/pink shade by Zoya, Dawn. I think I’m slowly transitioning myself into the darker shades. Even though, I’m lusting for the greys, taupes, teals, plums and burgundies. I don’t like to give in to Fall until after Labor Day, no matter how much I’m dying to wear some of my Fall Favorites!

This is the famous Audrina. It looks a little more purple and bright in person than in this picture. When worn, it looks like a bright almost neon lavender.

Jessica Cosmetics polishes are also formaldehyde and toluene free. However, I don’t feel they last without chipping quite as long as my favorites Zoya and butter London do.

Yup, these are my footsies, be kind! The color isn’t too bright of a yellow but more on the creamy side. It’s a pale yellow, like the inside of a banana, hence the name. From afar, it looks almost like a creamy white-beige color.

Dawn is a darker (not neon and not bright), fuchsia pink. It lets me still enjoy the brights of Summer, while not being so in your face pink. It’s more of a dull-bright pink if you can picture it.

This is how it looks like on. As you can see, Dawn is still bright, but not neon. The perfect shade to help me transition into the darker colors without completely giving up the summer brights.

Are you lusting for Fall yet? What are your favorite colors for Fall 2012 – what are you lusting over? When do you start wearing the Fall colors? When the August school bell rings or not until the pumpkin patches start to appear?

I’ve been thinking of including a blog in the near future on how to properly give your self an amazing DIY manicure/pedicure. One that’s almost, if not better, than going to the nail salon for. The only thing that makes the nail salon better, in my opinion are the massage chairs and the fact you don’t have to do it yourself and you can read or enjoy a class of wine while someone else massages your footsies. Are you interested?


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