Vested for Fall

Vest it up
I purchased a jean vest on a whim over the summer. I wasn’t sure it fit my personal style at first, but for some reason I had to have it. Last summer I had a crazy obsession with a crochet/lace type of vest and this year, it was the jean vest. However, what I like more about the jean vest, is that I can transition it into Fall fashion as well.
At first, I thought I would have nothing to wear it with. I knew I didn’t want to re-do that horrible 80’s style where jean from head to toe looked cool. So I vowed to myself to never wear the jean vest with… jeans. The exception was if it was a colored jean that added contrast such as: white, black, royal blue, teal — any color other than the original jean look. I wore it over tank tops, over summer sun dresses, over t-shirts and paired it with linen pants, paired it with black shorts – I paired it with almost everything. I found it to be a staple in my closet and one that went with way more than I originally thought it would.
For Fall, I’m planning to switch the tank tops to long-sleeved t-shirts. The brights and corals to plums and teal colors, and my linen pants to more colored jeans and maybe even some leather. (Note to self: Leather is hot for Fall, purchase something, anything with some leather on it.)
What’s your summer staple that you’ll be transitioning into Fall? What trend were you hesitant to try and ended up loving? Would you wear jean vests…what would you pair it with?

Sleeveless vest

Denim vest
$1.77 –

Urban renewal

Denim vest

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