Valentine Treats for YOU – Single or Not

I can’t believe it’s already February and the Week of Love is here! It feels like just a few days ago I was putting up the Christmas tree and wrapping gifts. If you’re single for this festive holiday, don’t let it bring you down. Embrace it and treat yourself to something special. Just like the Christmas holidays when you’re shopping and end up buying doubles of stuff… you know you do it … one for you and one for that special person on your list. Take that mind set now but instead of two you only have to shop for one – YOURSELF.
Since Valentine’s is all about love, pampering and getting dolled up do a little something for yourself. Whatever your vice is whether it be shoes, makeup, wine, comfy PJs, cute hair ties, a great DIY project, some redecorating or some workout gear treat yourself to a little pleasure of your own. Give yourself something you’d love. That great bag you’ve been eyeing? Who needs a man, you can snag it for yourself. If journaling and stationary is your thing, spend the night writing and get yourself a personalized notebook. Reading is your vice? Give your e-reader a new cover and make it feel special and different. And who says just because there’s no one in your bed this Valentine’s that you can’t wear a cute PJ set for yourself? Head on over to Victoria Secret or your favorite lingerie spot and grab a little pretty set that’s just for you. Since it’s just for you, you don’t have to worry about the itchy lace or sex appeal of it, it just has to be cute and comfy to fill the job.
Embrace your single hood! Maybe next year you’ll have to worry about a guy and soon after that have a few kids clinging on to your legs and then you will definitely not have the time to indulge in the simple things that make YOU happy! Happy Valentine’s Day Ladies!
How do you spend Valentine’s Day if you’re not attached? How about all of you in relationships? Do you still do something a little special for yourself?

What do you think?

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