Child’s Play Remains Grown-Up Passion

By now, you are all aware for my love of words and writing, but another passion of mine is photography. I am by no means professional in any way, but you can always find me with my camera in my purse. At events and parties, I seem to always designate myself photographer, which my family and friends have come to not only appreciate, but expect.

imagesI still remember my eighth birthday I believe it was, when my parents gifted me with my favorite gift to date. It was my very own camera – and it took real pictures! I was so excited! My parents were probably not aware of how much of their income I’d be wasting away with begging them to take me to buy more film and flash. Yes, I had to buy flash and film, this was way before digital was even a term used for anything. This blue rectangular Fisher-Price/Kodak partnership brought me so much joy on that birthday and allowed me to snap photos of all my family and friends. As I look back, the one thing I remember the most about that party, was me going around and snapping my OWN pictures and asking others to pose with me. No longer was I subjected to the photos my family took, but I was in control of my own memory keeping. This never stopped and only got worse from here. I have boxes taking up all the room on the top shelf of my closet, boxes under my bed, and some even in the spare room of the house filled with photographs. Filled with memories and treasures from that blue Fisher-Price treasure to beyond and well into my college years.

Now that digital is a well-known term, my passion has not ceased. I love snapping away at my niece, my god-daughters, my pup and family and friends. Making sure a moment doesn’t slip away in time that I can’t look back on forever. I now enjoy looking through my iPhoto albums and sharing my views on Facebook and Instagram (@michellea2980), instead of filling up my house like a hoarder with boxes of my memories.

photo 1-1 I was lucky enough to be gifted again almost 25 years later for my birthday another beautiful treasure. For years, I’ve been eyeing a DSLR camera, but never got around to splurging on it. This past birthday my wonderful brother and sister-in-law surprised me with just what I was wishing for and lusting for the past couple of years. I know partly it was a gift to themselves, to make sure I capture my baby niece’s life as it unfolds right before our eyes. But I’m not complaining, I’m relishing in the moment and every memory, just like I did back on my eighth birthday, when my parents first turned me into a photography lover. I can look back and thank them now for indulging in my passions of creativity. To not only teach me how to be a girl by giving me dolls and teacups to play with, but also notebooks, crayons, pens, yarn, a camera and anything that sparked my creative juices. Both of my major passions now, I remember doing as a young girl – snapping photos of well, everything, and writing books and notes for my family on a very consistent basis. Even the notes thing still sticks with me as I’m huge on writing and sending cards to loved ones – sometimes for no reason.

photo 3Now that I’m the owner of my gorgeous Nikon D5000, I had to tote it around town in style. The style lover in me, wouldn’t be caught with a “Nikon” strap hanging around my neck or a bulky big camera bag. I needed something a bit more fashionable, fun and something well, more ME. I searched and searched until I found what I was looking for. I stumbled upon Photojojo and found the perfect camera strap with inspiring quote to match, “Today, I’m just a dreamer, dreaming my life away.” It seemed perfect for my escapades of picture-taking.

Cutest packaging and arrival box I've ever received from anything I've ordered!

Cutest packaging and arrival box I’ve ever received from anything I’ve ordered!

Then for the bag. Being a girly girl, a standard camera bag just wouldn’t do. I searched, and searched and searched and found a few that I’d LOVE to have. Though a few were a bit out of my price range for the moment. I found bags that carried my camera and lenses while protecting them, yet also looked stylish and doubled as a purse. Keeping the ladies in mind with these camera-purses, there were even enough pockets to carry extra stuff like wallets, makeup bags, notebooks and more. As a freelance journalist, sometimes spending a day running from one interview to another, this was essential for me. Of course, when I’m using it for my personal life, I’ll look like I’m just carrying around a cute purse on trips and events instead of an ugly camera bag. Beware of the tourist look, it isn’t cute on anyone. If you were wondering what I ended up choosing, I picked Jo Totes bag Betsy, in a nice creamy yellow. This was the perfect size DSC_0248for me- big enough to carry all my junk essentials and large enough to store everything when on a trip. I can carry it as a shoulder bag or as a messenger bag, giving me the best of both worlds. It also brought three adjustable separators for the inside, which allow you to customize the sizes that best fit your camera and lenses inside. Their prices points were perfect ranging from $85 to a little over $100. They have many cute styles and I just can’t wait to get my hands on another one, maybe next time a trendy over the shoulder one like Missy.

Photo Credit: Kelly Moore Bag Website. Libby in Brown

Photo Credit: Kelly Moore Bag Website. Libby in Brown

If your budget is a little more flexible, here are a few other places to pick your perfect camera-purse. Kelly Moore bags are definitely on my wish list and one I’d love to take for a trial run! My eyes are currently lusting Riva, Kelly Boy Bag (which I don’t think are just for the guys), with the Libby Bag being at the top of my list. Their prices aren’t much more than Jo Totes ranging from  $150 to $250. Finally the Ona Bags are the ones to lust after with a slight higher price range than Kelly Moore Bags. The Palma is gorgeous, lady-like and classy looking, and the Chelsea keeping the retro, classy girly

Photo Credit: Ona Bag Website, pictured The Palma

Photo Credit: Ona Bag Website, pictured The Palma

style in perfection. Ona has a smaller selection to choose from and most bags are priced around $350. The minute I can rationalize the purchase Chelsea is on my purchase list. I’d love to review it for you all and let you know how it stands up. Lo & Sons also has only a couple to choose from and the Claremont is my favorite choice, though it reminds me a little of the Palma designed by Ona and priced at $300. This is definitely made for the blogger or writer on the go.

Now for 2013 I hope to learn to use all of my new treasure’s functions and capabilities. I’m planning to use more photography in my posts, learn to edit and have fun while doing it all! That’s just one of my resolutions for the year ahead.

Photo Credit: Lo & Sons. Pictured the Claremont

Photo Credit: Lo & Sons. Pictured the Claremont

Do you still have a passion that you’re into from your childhood days? Did you always know what you loved to do? What are your creative outlets? What do you think about fashionable camera bags? If there’s another stylish camera bag company that I haven’t checked out, let me know. Share your thoughts in the comments below. 


2 responses to “Child’s Play Remains Grown-Up Passion

  1. I love my JoTote! Of course after toting around tons of wedding gear for years it was a dream LOL if only photo gear would be super lightweight… that would rock! 😉

    And I was the same with the film cameras. Can’t remember my first one, but it was probably one of my mom’s old Canons I just kinda took over ha! xo B

  2. that Fisher Price camera was my first camera EVER too!! what a coincidence!

    mike bought me a Jo Bag 3 years ago and i hate to say it but i’ve only used it a couple of times 😦 i REALLY tried to make it my ‘every day bag’ so i could carry around my camera 24/7 too, but IMO the bag just isn’t practical for me. the bag itself is SUPER heavy- without anything it in it, and once you add a camera, lens, wallet and and other “purse things” the bag becomes SOOOO heavy. i just haven’t been able to enjoy using the bag at all. i would love a different kind of bag.

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