Fashionably Fab Female: Q & A with Angela Kohler of BLOGSHOP

Fashionably Fab Females has interviewed and shared with you many amazing bloggers. Today, we’re doing something a little different. Today’s Fashionably Fab Female isn’t just a blogger, but one of the founders of BLOGSHOP. Let’s help you get your creativity inspired, and not just your blogs.

20121011blogshop_jump_cover7449BLOGSHOP came about in May 2011 when two friends, Bri Emery and Angela Kohler came together to inspire and teach others. Since then they have traveled to Paris, Berlin, Sydney, London, NYC, La, Chicago, San Francisco, Miami and more teaching fellow bloggers and other creatives how to find their way around the world of Photoshop. Angela, who pens the blog Angela and Ithyle, is a photographer and commercial director for various large brands. Bri, who is the founder and editor of the blog, Design Love Fest, is a graphic designer by trade, has been featured in many of the glossies you might read such as Elle Decor, Apartment Therapy, HGTV, Lucky Magazine, Martha Stewart Weddings and many more.

BLOGSHOP is a photoshop bootcamp, where attendees enjoy a weekend filled with all the tips and tricks you will need to make your blog stand out among the crowd. The duo team teaches the basics from scratch, as well as some advanced techniques and how to apply them with your own twist to your layouts. You don’t have to know much about _MG_3363photoshop to come out of this class with your brain filled with how to make your inspirations come to life. At the end of your weekend bootcamp, you will know how to create layouts, prep images for mood boards and collages, retouch skin color and correct images, animate gifts, add textures, borders, type and drawing to your images. Oh, and you even score a pretty amaze gift bag when you attend. There’s no need to be intimidated by photoshop with BLOGSHOP around.

Although I missed them when they were here in Miami in December. I was lucky enough to be able to get some questions answered to share with all of you.

Interested in requesting BLOGSHOP to come back to Miami? I know I am! Hopefully not during the holiday madness! Click here and request them to come down.

Now let’s get to know Angela Kohler and BLOGSHOP . . .

Bella Vida Style (BVS) How did BLOGSHOP come about?

Angela: When Bri went freelance she mentioned teaching a Photoshop class. I told her she should do it, and I offered for her to use my studio. I even said I’d help her put together the syllabus since I taught Photoshop in college. When I showed up to help she said, “I’ll do this if you do it with me.”  We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into!

BVS: How and why did you get into blogging?

We talk a lot about the different types of photographs for different applications in our class. For example, sometimes it is as simple as using light-colored and graphic images with basic shapes that will stand out on small computing devices. (like instagram) One of the reasons we started this class is so that even beginners can do simple things in photoshop to make even their point and shoot pictures look better. Of course I do have one very basic rule of thumb for photographs –  bigger is better!!!

BVS: How would you describe your BLOGSHOP in 2 sentences or less? 20130219BLOGSHOP4299

A crash course in image manipulation and layout design, Blogshop teaches you a semester of photoshop in two days. It is designed to help bloggers take the ideas they see in their head and quickly get their content up on the web exactly how they imagine it!

BVS: What blog or person do you consider your example to push for better content or your mentor?

We like to look for things outside the blog world to get inspiration. We think better content comes from ourselves. We stress to our students they need to look inward at how amazing their own lives are to find content for their online presence that will be new and fresh and not just a rehashing of things that have already been seen.

20130221BLOGSHOPVID4433BVS: Any advice/tips for freelancers?

Make sure you don’t get so bogged down in the business portion of running your own business that you compromise your ability to be creative. Make sure you can do something creative every day to keep you engaged in what you really love about your work!

BVS: Advice for creatives finding inspiration?

Decide what it is you want to see that is lacking. What speaks to you. If you have an idea that really connects people to their best selves, you can build something that is worth more than money to your audience. It’s a lovely exchange!

Now we want to get to know YOU better, these are more fun/slightly more personal _MG_2389questions: 

BVS:  Hometown?

I was a gypsy growing up

BVS:  Current town?


BVS: Favorite blog to follow?

designlovefest (I’m serious!)

BVS: Blog website?

Blog’s Facebook?

Twitter handle?

Personal Twitter handle: @angelakohler

BVS: When will BLOGSHOP be back in the Miami area?

Choosing what cities we teach in is such a hard part of our business. We usually pick based on the requests we get through our website. But we sure do love the beach…..


BVS: What can attendees expect to gain from a weekend BLOGSHOP course?

A lot of knowledge about our favorite computer program (Photoshop) and hopefully a bucket full of inspiration too!

BVS: What’s next for you?

As many creative projects as I can get my hands on. And lots more in the motion world (we love video more and more and think that movement based content is where it’s at!) and of course, just like always, travel, travel, travel.


Want to see what to expect? Check out this video from the BLOGSHOP site on what type of fun and information you can expect from their weekend bootcamp. Doesn’t look like your typical bootcamp now does it?

How do yo incorporate photoshop or creative inspirations in your blog? What’s your favorite photoshop trick? What’s your favorite design feature on blogs? Have you attended BLOGSHOP? If you have, share in the comments what you thought about it.



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